Stripsaver Vicky S Golden River


Vicky's Kitchen  v.

Choose your team of four chefs to take on the high customer demand of Vicky's Kitchen. The chefs wait patiently for their special ingredients to make it thru the production lines. Be sure to tap out the ingredients that don't match with your chef's production ...

Wallpaper: Cove Towers

The shadows of the towers of the city loom over the calm river, with it's city river boat ferrying the opolii's inhabitants.

Loc: Penthouse 37th floor, Millennium Tower, Battery Park, New York, New York, US,
Date: August 2007,
Src: Digital ...


Hydrologic Risk  v.2009.6

Hydrologic Risk program allows the determination of the Hydrologic and Hydraulic risk in a basin or courses confluent to a main river trunk.

The characteristics of the discrete elements (basin, course etc.) in terms of affluence and effluence ...

Night Moscow Screensaver  v.1.0

And there's Moscow River. You can ride on it and see the whole city for a walk.

Chromatic Glow  v.1.0

Best of all, it s free. River Rock Studios.

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery  v.2.0

Vicky's due date is fast approaching…and so is the baby shower extravaganza Quinn is planning. Run across town with Flo, collecting missing items for the DinerTown characters in need, in order to save the town's highly anticipated celebration and become ...

Tranquil River  v.1.0

Tranquil River features animated running river with lush green vegetation, with Golden Eagle and flying birds, serene sounds of running river, and ambient sounds of the wild helps you relax anytime, all you have to do is run the Tranquil River animated ...

Golden Logress  v.

Golden Logres is set in the ruined kingdom of Logres after the Last Battle.

Arthur's guardian wizard, Merlin, has been confined by the witch Nimue.

As the game begins, no one remains but Sir Bedivere, the last surviving knight ...

Glitter Autumn River HD ScreenSaver  v.1.2

Golden rays are falling on grass and water that makes it glittering and sparkling. Mesmerizing river makes your mind feel calm and comfort. The streams of glittering water bring your thoughts somewhere faraway. Your thoughts are lazy and you just feel ...

Best Ottawa's landscapes

After a short animated presentation and a panoramic projection of Ottawa River it displays at random 24 full screens with the best Ottawa's landscapes. When you close it, this screensaver wishes you a good day.

River Past Wave@MP3

River Past Wave@MP3 is a FREE WAV to MP3 converter and MP3 to WAV converter. It is extremely easy to use. Select the input file, and click "Convert", that's it!

Convert your WAVE files to put on your portable MP3 player, or convert your MP3 files ...

River Past Crazi Video for Windows Mobile

River Past Crazi Video for Windows Mobile is a video converter specifically designed for Windows Mobile phones and PDA's.Convert video from DVD chapters, 3GPP/3GPP2, ASF, AVI, DAT (VCD), DivX, DV, FLC, animated GIF, Matroska MKV, QuickTime MOV, MP4 (MPEG-4), ...

River Past Crazi Video  v.

River Past Crazi Video is River Past's solution to convert your video collection for your mobile devices.
It is compatible with almost every video format out there, from Windows' AVI and WMV, MacOS's MOV and MP4, open source OGM and MKV, to mobile ...

River Past Video Perspective  v.

River Past Video Perspective is River Past's award winning video converter software with a twist.

Ever went to an electronic store and saw a video playing on a wide HDTV and everyone in the video look extra fat? Aspect ratio is not well understood, ...

River Raider II Demo  v.1.64.2

River Raider II Demo 1.6 is an arcade game developed by Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.
River Raider II Demo 1.6 is a 3D shooter in which we must travel along a river and destroy all the enemy forces. There are enemy ships, planes and helicopters taking ...

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