Ss Uniform


SQL Uniform Lite  v.2.1.1

SQL Uniform Lite is the freeware from SQL Uniform, it is a general interface--a helper software to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison and export. It supplies the databases with a suitable graphical user ...

SQL Uniform Professional  v.2.1.1

SQL Uniform is a database comparison and SQL query software. It is a database client with a graphical user interface (GUI).It allows graphical table design, running SQL statements, export, import and comparison of data in a heterogeneous environment ...


Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise  v.4.11

With the release of Uniform Invoice Software 3.12, Excel Invoice Manager goes into a new era. Uniform Invoice Software by Uniform Software Ltd now supports the new platforms like Windows 8, Office 2013 - both 32bit and 64bit is supported.

Ss Registry Fixer  v.2.0

Registry Fixer from Ss-Tools is a freeware utility to scan your windows registry for different types of errors. It is a very small utility with simple and user friendly interface. So you can analyze your windows registry very easily. With Registry Fixer ...

Ss Disk Cleaner  v.2 1

Ss Disc Cleaner is a simple Windows application to improve your system performance. Nowadays a lot of users install many different programs on their computers and unfortunately most of these programs create temporary and junk files on the PCs and leave ...

SS Birthday Reminder  v.2 11

SS Birthday Reminder is a software that reminds you of upcoming birthdays.
This program will display a message on the respective days about the birthdays of all the people that you have added.
You can also choose to be reminded several days ...

Uniform Spherical Distribution Model  v.1.0

The EJS Uniform Spherical Distribution Model shows how to pick a random point on the surface of a sphere. It shows a distribution generated by (incorrectly) picking points using a uniform random distribution as well as the correct weighted distribution.

The Uniform Server  v.8.8.0

The Uniform Server is a WAMP package that allows you to run a server on any MS Windows OS based computer. It is small and mobile to download or move around and can also be used or setup as a production/live server. Developers also use The Uniform Server ...

Uniform Invoice Software Net  v.3.11

With the release of Uniform Invoice Software 3.11, Excel Invoice Manager goes into a new era. Uniform Invoice Software by Uniform Software Ltd now supports the new platforms like Windows 8, Office 2013 - both 32bit and 64bit is supported.

Mortgage Rate 911 SS

Mortgage Rate 911 Screen Saver for Mortgage Lead Companies, the right one for you If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker on the market for mortgage leads, you will need a nice screen saver for your desktop. It is important thing to show for clients ...

Top Japan Cars 2006 SS

Japan Cars top 2006 Screen Saver Toyota Aygo Mitsubishi Colt CZT Mitsubishi Outlander Mazda 2 Mitsubishi Eclipse Honda Accord Toyota Yaris Suzuki Vitara Honda HR-V Nissan Terrano Nissan Note Infiniti FX Mazda 6 Suzuki Swift Lexus RX ...

Buy golf equipment ss

Enjoy a wonderful pool playing screensaver from It is easy to use, and it is nice to look at.

SS Session Planner  v.

Coaches, clubs, publishers, and soccer associations around the world have chosen the Session Planner as their standard. Create a single drill in minutes. Import tons of sessions from Create a single session from multiple drills in ...

SS Uninstall Manager  v.2 1

Uninstall Manager is an extremely fast, very user-friendly/easy to understand, efficient replacement for the standard Windows Add/Remove Software applet. The Standard Add/Remove Program often can't uninstall applications completely .It often leave files ...

Ss Startup Manager  v.2.0

Manage the startup of programs in one place, either through the registry, startup folder or win.ini file. Easily find out what programs should not be running and remove them with a click of the mouse. Get rid of annoying adware, spyware and extraneous ...

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