Spherical Coordinate


Visual Calculus  v.3.9.2

3D Features: cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinate systems; 3D curve and surface; animation; 3D surface based on table data; surface by rotation; 3D vector; tangent and normal of 3D curve and surface; material and light. Ability to create ...

AutoFEM Tutorial  v.1 3

To fix the structure, complete restriction of movement can be used, as well as partial restriction concerning the axes (in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems).


AutoFEM Static Analysis  v.1.7

To fix the structure, complete restriction of movement can be used, as well as partial restriction concerning the axes (in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems).

If it is assumed that under the load a part may suffer significant ...

*Spherical Panorama Fisheye Stitcher

Spherical Panorama 3/2-Fisheye Stitcher, intended for creation of spherical panoramas.
Automatic and manual image correction. Tiff and Jpeg Fisheye Input format.
Jpeg and BMP output spherical panorama format.
Create Logo, spherical panorama ...

Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator  v.

The Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is an easy to use tool to perform map or GPS coordinate conversions. The software can be used to transform a single coordinate or a batch of coordinates read from a comma separated, database or ESRI shapefiles.

Telecommunications V&H Coordinate Conversion Library

Telecommunications V&H Coordinate Conversion C++ Object Library A cornerstone component for any application that uses or manipulates telecommunications industry standard Vertical and Horizontal (V&H) Coordinates. Convert V&H coordinates to Latitude and ...

Coordinate Calculator  v.2 2

Coordinate Calculator is a geodetic coordinates calculator.

Coordinate Calculator calculates Lat/Lon coordinates to/from coordinates in different projection, local datums (264 datums) and on different spheroids(33 spheroids).

It ...

TatukGIS Free Coordinate Calculator  v.

This free Windows application interactively converts the coordinates of a point between coordinate systems. The version 2 reflects the same coordinate system support as the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (v.9) and TatukGIS desktop Editor (v.2) products, which ...

Timken Spherical Roller Bearing  v.5.0.8

Timken Spherical Roller Bearing Catalog includes basic engineering data and part numbers for spherical roller bearings, spherical pillow blocks and metric accessories.

Spherical bearings are designed to manage high radial loads even when misalignment, ...

Uniform Spherical Distribution Model  v.1.0

The EJS Uniform Spherical Distribution Model shows how to pick a random point on the surface of a sphere. It shows a distribution generated by (incorrectly) picking points using a uniform random distribution as well as the correct weighted distribution.

Spherical Mirror Model  v.1.0

Analyze light focus with a spherical mirror with this tool. Spherical Mirror Model demonstrates the focusing of light using a spherical mirror. The user can change the size and position of the object, the focal length of the mirror and the rays shown ...

Spherical Pendulum Model  v.1.0

Spherical Pendulum models a particle under the influence of gravity that is constrained to stay on a spherical surface. The simplest example is that of a pendulum that is free to swing in any direction. This problem is most handyly solved using spherical ...

GISEYE Coordinate Converter  v.3.1

GISEYE Coordinate Converter program is designed for conversion of coordinates from one map projection into another. List of coordinates and map projection parameters are specified by the user.This program product works under Windows and has an easy to ...

Mofikis Coordinate Finder  v.inder

This Coordinate finder was developed by me in the hopes that others can use it to develope macros that require screen coordinates along with giving coordinates for website image mapping. This may be used in conjuction with mofiki's autoclicker as well.

Spherical Harmonics Manipulator  v.

This software computes synthesis of spherical harmonics models on sparse coordinates or grids (provided in a geodetic or geocentric reference system).It exploits basic parallelism using openmp directives.A solution with MPI has not be taken into account ...

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