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Speech Visualization DEMO  v.1.99.999

This spectral speech tool allows real-time viewing of speech; visual comparison between speech models; analysis of the voice sample; and simplified record keeping.
A Clinician's tool to use with individuals with: Voice Disorders, Cleft Palate, Dysfluencies, ...

ScriptVOX Studio

ScriptVOX Studio is an easy to use text-to-speech tool for writers that will open up a new window on creativity. ScriptVOX will allow you to quickly add voices and images to your story, screenplay or movie script. Unlimited Voices: Assign a custom voice ...


Omilo  v.0.0.6

Omilo is a tiny text to speech tool, offer you a text to speech software. All that you have to do is type or paste the text that interests you, press Speak and youre good to go.

ClipSpeak  v.1.5

ClipSpeak is a portable, lightweight text-to-speech tool that speaks text copied to the clipboard. It is intended to be as transparent as possible to the user, keeping user interface and interaction to a minimum.
At this moment it simply uses the ...

Word Text to Speech  v.

Word text to speech software turns words into audio voice format with natural speaking voices. Text speaker utility can read your Word documents loudly, or you can convert them into WAV files for listening, anytime and anywhere just open a file and click ...

MB Compatibility

Chinese astrology, moon sign astrology, zodiac astrology and also numerology. The program is a remarkable and an accurate tool with an easy to use interface.

MB Free Love Test

MB Free Love Test is a combination software that has taken into account Chinese astrology, Moon Sign Astrology, Numerology, Zodiac astrology, Kundali Match and Astro Compatibility. The program generates the compatibility report of you and your partner ...

ClaroRead PLUS  v.5. 7. 2005

5 is easy to use and provides the perfect integrated Text to Speech tool for use with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. ClaroRead V5.5 is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The range of additional voices are available in over 20 languages ...

CyberPower Audio Editing Lab  v.15.9.4

For artistic music creation and simple sound editing need, this tool is easy yet powerful enough.

CyberPower Audio Editing Lab can digitize sound recordings of music cassette tapes, vinyl LPs, or videos so they can be recorded onto CD. Timer ...

PDF Read Entire Documents Out Loud Software

Read words in PDF files.

CyberPower Audio Editing Lab 2011  v.14.4.5

Spectral analysis (FFT) and speech synthesis (text-to-speech)

Real-time analyzers lets you analyze the output audio like a professional. Text-to-speech tool can convert your text documents to audio files, so you can listen to your ...

HTML-Kit  v.

Built-in text to speech tool.

Open as many browser windows as user might need. Direct access to Favorites from the application. Tools for installing plug-ins, plug-in library, keyword help file, help file contents, templates, snippets, dictionaries, ...

Translate Text into Audio  v.

Now you can hear text documents spoken in your native language since Word speaker tool has word processing features, you can make generate produce and edit text files without the need of any other program. You can easily play this file in future using ...

Text to Wav Converter  v.1.6.3

This free speech tool is available in 25 languages, including translation from and back to English or other languages. There are some options that allows you to adjust the sound volume and pick the reading rate.

MonkeyKing Chinese

MonkeyKing Chinese is for people who are serious about learning Chinese language. It's a simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool and designed for the beginners and senior learners to learn Chinese language and culture.
1, English-Chinese ...

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