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SoundCopy  v.1 1

SoundCopy is a free audio recorder and converter that can capture, save, and re-encode any sound coming in through your soundcard (CD, Internet streaming, external microphone, etc.). Any recording made through this tool is by default saved in WAV format, ...

Power Record Trial  v.2.0.32

It allows to record the sound coming from any source, like a microphone or an online radio. You can start the recording manually, or schedule them beforehand, with starting and ending times. You can also choose to schedule periodical recordings, ...


WinADR (MP3 Recorder)  v.

WinADR (MP3 Recorder) is a tiny and simple audio recording tool that lets you grab any sound coming through your system's sound card and save it not only as an MP3 file, but also as a WAV or WMA file. It can capture any audio you can hear through your ...

BB FlashBack Pro  v.

It is possible to record the sound coming from a microphone or an auxiliary entry, or the input from a webcam.

You can choose to record the full screen or just a window or range. You can specify up to two sources for the sound that ...

Fantasy Sound Pack  v.1 1

MorphVOX is a program that is able to intercept the sound coming from your microphone and modify it before sending it to the speakers, your Instant Messenger or the speech module you use when playing online games. This way, it will enhance your speech, ...

Total Recorder Standard Edition  v.8.3

Record sound coming through a microphone or played by an external device such as a tape player, LP player, portable music player, etc.
3. Record both parties of Internet-telephony conversations when using programs like Skype, Google Talk, etc.

Easy Audio RCR  v.2 6

Moreover, Easy Audio RCR can perfectly record whatever sound coming though your soundcard, including microphone, Line In, and other applications; it supports silence detection for eliminating the useless parts.
Features List:
Audio CD Ripper ...

RockN Audio  v.2.7

Record any sound coming out of your speakers or headphones - think about how easy it will be to build your music collection - anything from the oldies to the newest releases!

The Audio Editor is easy to understand and use. If you know how ...

XemiComputers DeskTop Pack  v.1.0

Audio Notes Recorder records voice notes or simply any sound coming through your sound card. Active Desktop Wallpaper keeps your desktop always looking fresh.

AimOne Screen Recorder  v.1 31

You will be able to record the sound coming from your computer or outside of your computer.

The program is very easy to use and very easy to install. All you have to do to start recording is click on the 'Record' button placed in the program's ...

Flash Saver Maker  v.1 68

It is even possible to select multiple Flash files in one time, Flash Saver Maker plays them one by one, and then loops movies! If you like , you can turn all sound coming from the projector file off, and add mp3,midi or wav sound files as your own background ...

Audio Detector  v.

The software analyzes every sound coming from a microphone. If the sound volume exceeds the predefined threshold, the software automatically starts the recording, compressing the sound into the WMA format.Requirements:
* MicrophoneLimitations:
* ...

Windows Voice Sound Scheme Package

100+ Custom Microsoft "Rich" Voice sound theme's.
These sounds are custom created. Your pc will verbally alert you of
computer events such as programs starting or stopping, AIM, MSN or
Yahoo friends coming online or going offline, different ...

Sci-Fi 2 Sound Pack  v.1 3

Sci-Fi 2 Sound Pack is an add-on for MorphVOX.

MorphVOX is a program that intercepts the voice coming from your microphone and modifies it before sending it out to your speakers, your instant messenger or your online game, allowing you to surprise ...

Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer

You can easily replace the garbled, random sound in your home movies with music or narration or add sound to silent movies using this movie audio replacement tool. Supported Audio Types: MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, MPEG and OGG. The application also includes ...

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