Sonik Sprite


Sonik Synth  v.2. 1. 2001

Sonik Synth 2 is the ultimate synth workstation, with more synth and workstation instrument sound than any other comparable hardware or software. Over 5,800 sounds and 8 GB make up the largest collection of modern and vintage instruments ever assembled ...

Sprite Maker  v.2 31

Use the free Sprite Maker tool to create your own sprites. It is really easy to use and you can very quickly create a character with his own unique outfit. You will be creating your own sprites in seconds. When you have finished customizing you can export ...


Sprite O'Matic  v.1.1.0

Sprite O' Matic is a program for MS Windows that creates sprites easily and with many options Features: Creates sprites from mixed JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP files. Creates selectable format CSS files for the sprites Saves sprites in either JPEG, PNG, GIF ...

Sprite Master Web  v.1.0

Sprite Master Web creates sprite sheet from your web sprites and exports CSS code. It uses advanced algorithms to generate smallest sprite sheets and saves your time. Supported image formats: PNG, TIFF, GIF Supported Coordinate Data Formats: CSS, XML, ...

Sprite Swarm  v.1.1

Sprite Swarm is a screen saver that starts with a single sprite flying around. The sprite replicates until a swarm is created, then diminishes until a single sprite remains.WHAT'S NEWVersion 1.1: Added preference to adjust color of Sprites. Changed application ...

Desktop Sprite for TOEFL iBT Words

Desktop sprite for learning TOEFL iBT words. Adjust the speed of rolling freely. Remember words while working.

Sprite Builder  v.3.0

Sprite Builder is used to combine separate images (prepared in any other graphical editor) into one sprite. This program has been developed particularly for animators who create animation for games and other projects. New: now You can load frames from ...

Sprite Buddy  v.0.8

Is a free sprite sheet slicer/animator. It allows you to import sprite sheets, cut them into animations & export as XML - which can then be easily parsed by whatever game engine you are using.

It is only available for Windows at present but if ...

Sprite Backup  v.

Sprite Backup secures all your data, every application, contact, message and configuration effortlessly and automatically.
If you lose your phone, suffer hardware failure, or upgrade your device, this will allow you to get all your important device ...

Sprite Explorer  v.

Sprite Explorer is a powerful and easy to use tool that helps you extract and restore individual files.
With Sprite Explorer you can easily transfer files and folders, drag individual files to your desktop.

Main Features:

- ...

Slick2D Sprite Sheet Font Test  v.6.0

Slick now has support for packed sprite sheets by loading packed sheets defined by the wonder ImagePacker tool . It is a java developed game.

Sprite Sheet Builder  v.1.0

Generates CSS sprite sheets for faster web page loading. Bundles multiple images together and references them using the background-position CSS attribute. Generates PNG, CSS and HTML.

Printer Sprite  v.2 20

Printer Sprite is an application that monitors print jobs being sent to printers, recording details such as the user and computer that sent the job and the number of pages printed, orientation duplexing etc, for a print job.
Logs can be queried, sorted ...

Sprite Sheet Maker  v.0.0.1

Sprite Sheet Maker is an Adobe AIR application, can create sprite sheets. One process that has survived in game development is the process of blitting. In simple game terms blitting is where you combine objects in order to increase performance.
All ...

Allegro Sprite Editor  v.0.9

ASE (Allegro Sprite Editor) is an open source software to create animated sprites. Sprites are little images that can be used in your website or in a video game. You can draw characters with movement, intros, textures, patterns, backgrounds, logos, color ...

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