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ASCII Art Generator

ASCII Art Generator is an amazing graphics art to text art solution, which allows you to convert digital pictures into full color text-based images easily and quickly. You can input any message you'd like, and let your picture say what you want it to ...



Our new product "Text Art" combines the value of a professional text editor to the
unique and first of its kind ability to create three dimentional text in addition
to the ability to combine text and graphics into one page.


Design & Print Business Edition  v.5.0.1

With over 8,400 professionally designed templates, 500 graphic typestyles, 75 complete sets, and special text and image effects, you're well on your way to creating high-impact and unique marketing documents that will leave a lasting impression ...

Artify  v.

A creative way to convert your pictures into amazing colorful ASCII text art and share with friends! Features Include:
1. Choose Images from Pictures Hub & Photo Viewer
2. Convert to colorful ASCII Text Art
3. Tap and Drag on the ArtWork to ...

Glitter Text Maker  v.1.0

The Glitter Text Maker can use any proportional TTF font on your Windows PC, and turn it into beautiful glittering text for your Web site quickly and effortlessly. A perfect addition to your copy of Glitterizer, this product will complete your glitter ...

Flash TextBox Component  v.3.0.0

Flash TextBox Component is a flexible element which can be integrated into any Flash project which needs a fully featured text area which supports smileys, unicode, runtime resizing and all available fonts.

Photo DVD Burner  v.8 5

Easy to navigate and efficient to process media files for digital photo slideshows

Various cool transition effects, fantastic album themes and templates for slideshow decoration

Creative settings for modifying album photos such as color, size, transitions, pan & zoom, text, art clips, contrast, ...

KeyIt!  v.2.0

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to open an application or a website with just a couple keystrokes? Imagine not having to search through tons of menus to find the program you need? Or how about signing your documents and e-mail with an image of your signature or text art? With KeyIt, you ...

Futurix Imager  v.6.0.3

Formats supported by FuturixImager:
* JPEG / Joint Photographic Experts Group jpg, jpeg, jfif, jpe
* JPEG 2000 jp2, jpc, j2k, j2c
* GIF / Graphics Interchange Format (non-animated) gif
* Portable Bitmap pbm
* Portable Graymap pgm
* Portable Pixelmap ppm
* BMP / Windows Bitmap bmp
* Device Independent Bitmap dib
* Enhanced Metafile emf
* Windows Metafile wmf
* PCX / ZSoft Paintbrush pcx
* Multi-page ZSoft Paintbrush dcx
* PNG / Portable Network Graphics png
* Truevision Targa tga
* TIFF / Tagged Image File Format tif, tiff
* Wireless Bitmap wbmp, wbm
* PSD / Adobe Photoshop psd
* DNG / Digital Negative dng
* Digital Camera Dump (raw photo) crw, cr2, nef, raf, x3f, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, bay, pef, raw
* Commodore 64 Koala format koa
* Amiga IFF iff, ilbm, lbm
* DirectDraw Surface dds
* Sun Rasterfile ras
* X11 Bitmap Format xbm
* X11 Pixmap Format xpm
* ICO / Windows Icon ico
* HDR / High Dynamic Range Image hdr
* EXR / OpenEXR exr
* Windows Cursor cur
* PDF / Portable Document Format pdf
* PostScript ps
* ASCII Text Art txt
* Formats ...

BestGreetings  v.

There are much mores:
+This app also has over 200+ text art on holidays
+ Sweet, creative facials text art to express your feeling
+ you can twist, reverse, up-side-down your message, or change to text art fonts.
+ Some popuplar ...

Art Text 2 Lite  v.2.3.2002

Art Text Lite is a layer-based design application for turning text into art and creating logos, application icons, web graphics, and buttons. With Art Text Lite you will get professional results without the steep learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Pop Art Studio  v.8.0

Create your own Pop Art piece of art in the famous Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein Style. Pop Art Studio contains many Andy Warhol effects and the famous Roy Lichtenstein effect. All colors are fully customizable. The program provides an endless selection ...

Lettra Art  v.6.0

Lettra Art is a software for people who like to be more than just Ordinary people. With Lettra Art, you can create different types Of text, that works (almost) everywhere, including chat applets, and messengers. It is a nice program. You must try it!

Easy Art Draw  v.1.0

Eay Art Draw is Vector Graphics Software (like to CorelDraw). Draw object => Polyline, Freepolygon, Free line, Calligraphy, Curve(with bezier), RectAngle, Polygon(3-20 point), Ellipse, Text. Edit object => Color line, width and style line, Color backround, ...

Art HTML Listing

Art HTML Listing creates filtered, sorted, fully customizable directory indexes, listings, menus and site maps in HTML, DHTML, XML, text and CSV formats. Supports HTML titles, MP3 ID3 tags, EXIF information, icons, media types, MD5 and SHA1 hashes, and ...

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