Simple Tip


Simple Tip  v.

Simple Tip stays true to the Windows Phone Metro style and doesn't have background images that make the screen hard to read or crowd up your screen with a lot of unnecessary clutter.


• Presets that let you assign tip percentages ...

Simple Tip Calculator  v.

SimpleTip is a free, elegant, and simple Tip Calculator without any fancy features. Key in any percentage with a large keypad and the tip and total is displayed. Quick, easy, and pretty!


TipCalc  v.

Simple Tip Calculator. Add Bill amount, number of people to split the bill with, and the tip percentage and tap calculate.

PocketDiner  v.

Features include
- birthday mode to split the birthday boy/gal's meal amongst everyone else
- default diners ("usual suspects") allows you to prepopulate with diners you eat out with often
- ability to add from your contacts
- a quick and dirty mode if you just want a "simple" tip calculator ...

Tipster Tip Calculator  v.1

Simple and Easy-To-Use Tip Calculator for the iPhone ...

Tip of the Day  v.1.0

This program uses the famous 'tip of the day' interface to customize your tips and create your own tip of the day program using a simple Tips.ini file.

Quick Tip  v.

A very simple, very quick, easy to use Tip calculator, focused on getting you in and out as fast as possible.

Simple Tips  v.

Simple Tips allows you to easily calculate the total cost of your meal and tip, as well as allow you to conveniently split the bill evenly among all your friends.

EZ Tip  v.

Very simple and easy to use tip calculator. Use it at a restaurant, bar, etc., to calculate what your tip should be for a given percentage. Ez Tip also allows you to split the bill among multiple people and determine whether or not to include the tip ...

Tip the Scale  v.

* Simple to start
* An Original Card game
* Fast gameplay
* Patience style solo play ... Simple Task list

com Simple Task list is a tool which helps to you to organize your working process. Now you can see a list of your tasks and time periods of their deadlines at any moment. You can to see all your tasks at one look and choose the most priority task for ...

Simple Disk Analyzer

Simple Disk Analyzer v1.0 is a windows disk management utility. It will allow you to select a folder on your file system and will analyze all files and sub-folders it contains. The analysis will display the folders in a tree structure showing total folder ...

Simple Home Budget Lite  v.

Simple Home Budget Lite is a personal budget manager for home users. The program lets you enter transactions of all kinds and analyze income and expenses shown in the summary color-coded Overview chart. At a glance, you'll see what you have and will have ...

Simple Library Organizer Pro  v.2.8

Simple Library Organizer Pro (simple edition): library software designed for libraries where: 1. Minimal computer and database experience required by library operator(s). 2. You are not going to be overwhelmed by database structures and large number of ...

Simple Money Manager  v.

Simple Money Manager is easy to use, feature rich, small, fast and reliable program to control your finances. Either you are running small business, living on fixed income, a student or just need simple and useful helper to manage your finances, Simple ...

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