Semi Transparent


Clocket8 - Transparent  v.1.0

Clocket8 - Transparent is a sidebar gadget that displays a transparent clock on your desktop.Clocket8 - Transparent Features:
1. Clock fits in your desktop without any dial.
2. Some (semi)transparent dials and hands can be selected.


Your cursors will be able to be semi-transparent and have more advanced shadows and alpha blending. Version 1.31 works under non-admin accounts on Windows 2000 and XP, has high dpi support and better, faster shadows, and supports hyperthreaded machines.



Copy diagrams from another program or a web page using a semi-transparent window to overlay the diagram and "trace" the pieces. Change pieces with drag 'n drop and print very high quality diagrams.

EDeskToy for Windows  v.

There are not only classic desk toys but also various semi-transparent animated love hearts, fire flames, perpetuum mobiles, screenmates, abstractions and other unusual arrangements. Have you ever heard of smart desktop gadget? The desktoy software is ...

EDeskToy for Mac OS  v.

There are not only classic desk toys but also various semi-transparent animated love hearts, fire flames, perpetuum mobiles, screenmates, abstractions and other unusual arrangements.

AniSprite  v.3 1

Selected features are semi-transparent masks, alpha-channel mixing, automatic hit testing (collision detection), integration with frame animation libraries and curved (spline) paths. Full source code is available.

On-screen Ruler  v.

This program is a semi-transparent on-screen ruler to help you lay out GUIs and Web pages or measure anything on your screen in 5 units. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts allow you to precisely position the ruler anywhere on the screen. Both fine and gross ...

Sheer Notes  v.1 1

Notes windows are fully resizable, and can be made semi-transparent, so they can be visible all the time, while still being relatively innocuous. Text style features. Save selected text to disk in RTF format. Sticks to your desktop, or can be forced ...

Grid Cell Counter  v. Beta

Grid Cell Counter is a freeware biology tool that will help you to manually count the cells shown on computer screen by displaying a transparent or semi-transparent grid over your image.Open the image that contains the cells to be counted in your preferred ...

CursorFX  v.2.01

It includes several themes that are semi-transparent and feature more advanced shadows and alpha blending. CursorFX is configured directly from your Control Panel/Mouse Properties dialog. Additional themes can be downloaded.CursorFX is a software for ...

World Radio  v.

- Fix bug in the searching function
- Update dead-link channels
- Semi-transparent Ads background
- Fix minor bugs
World Radio is a comprehensive online radio player. World Radio allows you to browse and listen to more than a thousand ...

CrossSum2D  v.

Semi transparent puzzles are overlaid above soft scenic backgrounds, thus providing a relaxing environment while enjoying game play. CrossSum2D intuitive interface keeps the challenge in the puzzle, not in how to play the game.
Like a ...

Screenmate: Flying Earth  v.1.2

This is a semi-transparent rotating Earth moving on your screen. You can catch it by mouse and drag and drop to change direction and speed of its movement. ALXsoftware, shareware and freeware for Mac and PC. Shareware and freeware for design/DTP on MacOS ...

Polycasso  v.1.4.0

A java webstart application that attempts to create cubism style artwork through the layering of semi-transparent polygons via a training feedback loop. Produces increasingly realistic work though hill climbing.

Actual Transparent Window  v.7.5

Actual Transparent Window serves the purpose of facilitating work with several windows at a time. It lets you forget about window minimization and maximization routine by enabling the transparency feature applicable to any single window. It gives you ...

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