Script Based


Test Script Runner 4.0o  v.1.0

Test Script Runner is a software platform designed to provide a script based mechanism for Automatic Regression Testing. The software provides a scripting language which allows the user to expand the capabilities via plug-in testing modules. A number ...

Single Operator Chat Software

Real time active server pages (ASP) script based chat communication software with Ajax technology support all major internet web browsers including Opera and Netscape. Online web chat software facilitates 24 * 7 instant help and support option to explain ...


Open BlueDragon  v.2.0

CFML is a powerful tag/script based language that takes away all the heavy lifting of producing web based services and sites.
You can easily develop, debug and deploy your CFML applications from one cross-platform desktop application. No installation, ...

Basic Setup Builder  v.1.0.1810

Basic Setup Builder, a no script-based setup-maker with a fully integrated help system and step by step guides.
With Basic Setup Builder, the user can import all the items to install from the running image of a program with a few of steps. Just a ...

HTTP Test Tool  v.2.2.14

HTTP Test Tool is a script based tool for testing and benchmarking web applications, web servers, proxy servers and web browsers. httest can emulate clients and servers even in the same test script. Emulating servers is a unique feature, very usefull ...

AVISynth UI  v.0.02 Dev 2 Alpha

AVISynth GUI offer you a user interface for the script based video editor AVISynth. Written in Visual Basic, It enables you to edit videos using AVISynth with the comfort and ease of use of having a user interface.

Webuzo for GPixPixel  v.1.4.1

GPixPixel is a FREE yet powerful million pixel script, based on the popular marketing concept. Advanced settings include, among others, the ability to use interlaced images, temporarily take the site down for maintenance and put it back online when all ...

Virto Ajax SharePoint Form Extender  v.5.0.0

Virto Custom List Form Extender is Ajax and Java Script based Web Part allowing for quick and simple customizing SharePoint list forms for creating, editing and viewing list items.

With new Virto List Form Extender web part by Virtosoftware ...

Templarian  v.rc

Text preprocessor that provides script based in-code code generation. It can be used to provide templates for languages that doesn't support them (C, Pascal). Of course, it is stronger than templates in C++ so you can find it useful with other languages ...

PG Job Site Free  v.APR.2013

No programming skills are required to install, support and maintain a job board site based on PG Job Site. It's easily installed, filled with content and administrated. Administrator can add unlimited number of vacancies, edit vacancy fields and properties, ...

MeetMeManager  v.1.0

The engine is based on Vaadin language to improve the portability of the application, Hibernate and some AGI script based on PHP.

Single Operator Web Chat Support

ASP script based chat communication application offer Ajax technology support for major internet web browsers such as internet explorer on all windows based operating system.

InstallForge  v.

Get rid of script based or other complex and time-consuming installation creators and let InstallForge demonstrate you its performance and unbelievable easyness.

Main features:
-Easy to use
The wizard-driven interface allows you ...

NSIS  v.2 46

NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks. Many plug-ins and scripts are already available: you can create web installers, communicate with Windows and other software components, ...

Setup Builder Pro  v.7 3

All SetupBuilder editions are based on the same award-winning installation technology; these editions are designed to accommodate every need and budget, from large, multi-national enterprise development teams and commercial software vendors, ...

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