Save Your Passwords


Save Your Marriage  v.

SAVE Your Marriage And Develop A Lifelong Love!

Marital problems will not miraculously vanish by themselves, but you are not alone, and your situation is not hopeless!

People everywhere have problems, some exactly like the ones you are ...

Wallet - The most simple and secure wallet for all your passwords.  v.2.0

All your passwords securely and encrypted, completely searchable, iCloud enabled stored in one sophisticated App.Wallet is a cute and sophisticated wallet application extra designed for ease of use.Self evident that all entries are ...


SYT Save Your Time  v.3.0

One place for all your Favorites: the right-click menu.
Quick access to your favorite resources anywhere on your computer, your network or over the internet.
Favorits are anything you use everyday: files, folders, programs, documents, web addresses, ...

Save Your Money  v.

You can keep your personal finance on your phone.

Save Your Screen  v.2.0

SYS is a utility to simply create your own screen saver. Just drag pictures into the window, choose Create ScreenSaver.. from the pop up menu, follow 3 steps of the assistant and a complete screen saver with product info inside is complete!. .

PassKeeper  v.2 2

Use this program to save your passwords in a safe place, when you close the program, your password and usernames will automatically be encrypted. A very grate program with grate interface, easy to use. For all the people who lost their passwords and user ...

Passwords Keeper  v.1.8

This easy passwords manager will store all your passwords.
Now you don't need to write passwords on paper or in notepad.
Category navigation will help to select passwords you need.
Search option will help to find password in a large list.

Ultra Passwords

Ultra Passwords is a free password manager or safe which helps you to manage and Stores your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords (such as affiliates Password,Ftp login Password,Forum Password,Myspace Password....) in one database, ...

Passwords Max  v.5 81

Passwords Max enables users to store information that can be sent automatically whenever you ask it to be. The program comes with a wizard mode that will show you how to store all your passwords step by step. You can copy your passwords to the clipboard ...

Protected Passwords Base

Means storing your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, and any other confidential data in a strongly encrypted password database file. No one except you will be able to recover your confidential data.
Major advantage over the other password ...

Passwords Base  v.6.01

Today, as the Internet has become an integral part of the personal computer, you will need to enter passwords for access to different services. To get Windows network access, access to FTP file storage, social networks such as "Facebook" or "Twitter", ...

Passwords Plus  v.1.0.7

Passwords Plus is a powerful yet easy to use password manager that allows you to manage all your passwords in a secure and simple way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file, so you only have ...

PwdDoubleCheck (Passwords)  v.1.0.1

PwdDoubleCheck is an easy to use application to check the strength of your passwords on Windows based systems. Whether you are a security expert of a large multi-national corporation or a home computer user you should test your computers password strength.

Save-It  v.1. 1. 2003

Save-It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save your user files that change constantly or daily. Select the files you want backed up, how often or what time, and forget about it. Your files will be backed up when you want. You can even have ...

Stop Your Divorce  v.

Discover How You Can Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage!

You and your spouse love each other. You've been married for years, and at one time happily. But now it's just a memory; and you can't believe this is happening to YOU.

How ...

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