Rsm Metrics


Resource Standard Metrics and GUI  v.7 70

Free RSM Add-On, RSM Wizard is free GUI which runs on top of Resource Standard Metrics. RSM is a command line program that enables scripting and enbedding into programming IDEs. RSM Wizard make RSM very simple to use and serves as a teaching tool for ...

Essential Metrics (Java)  v.1.0

Essential Metrics is a command line metrics tool Java software projects.

Invoked directly at the command line, Essential Metrics delivers numerous popular metrics and allows these to be reported using CSV, HTML and XML.

Essential ...


Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java  v.7.75

Resource Standard Metrics is a source code metrics and quality analysis tool for ANSI C, ANSI C++, C# and Java for use on all Windows and UNIX operating systems. The speed, ease of use and portability of RSM make it unlike any other source code analysis ...

EZ Metrics for CorelDRAW 10-12  v.2.0

EZ Metrics was created to fill that void. Now it just takes a few clicks to convert an orthographic drawing into axonometric drawings such as Isometric, two forms of Dimetric, and two forms of Trimetric. EZ Metrics also makes it easy to move and extrude ...

RSM Agent  v.2 2

RSM Agent is a passive component that residing on the managed stations. It accepts commands from the server and conveys them to the operating system of the managed host for execution.

RSM Agent is a software component integrated in OpenRSM ...

SLOC Metrics  v.3.0.7

SLOC Metrics measures the size of your source code based on the Physical Source Lines of Code metric recommended by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Specifically, the source lines that are included in the count are ...

Eclipse Metrics plugin continued  v.

Provide metrics calculation and dependency analyzer plugin for the Eclipse platform. Measure metrics with avg and std deviation and detect cycles in package and type dependencies. Continuation of work from http://sourceforge. net/projects/metrics.

Source Code Metrics  v.0.2

Source Code Metrics is a plugin for the Eclipse platform. It provides metrics concerning source codes, e.g. lines of code.

The Metrics (For Python)  v.1.0

This program will calculate and output metrics on code written in Python. Reports can be generated in text- or XML-files. A plug-in system lets new metrics be added to the program. A set of built-in plug-ins with provide some of the most common metrics ...

Krakatau Essential Project Manager  v.2.0

Krakatau Essential PM, the latest addition to the Power Software range of professional software metrics tools. KEPM/EPM is the product of choice for IBM Rational ClearCase Managers and Users/Groups who require to measure or monitor churn metrics, changed ...

Essential Project Manager  v.

Essential Project Manager is the multi-language metrics solution for measuring changed, added and deleted source lines of code.EPM is a command line utility and as such it can be integrated into your build process to automatically measure both the size ...

MongooseInstaller  v.1.4a

Mongoose Metrics' mission is to take the mystery out of phone call analytics by supplying clients with reliable, clear, and actionable data encompassing the entire sales cycle from customer browsing through completed sale. We have developed four distinct ...

Dialog Strategy


Dialog Strategy balanced scorecard will allow you to build your business model and create the metrics and reporting needed to boost your company performance.The idea of the balanced scorecard is to tightly link ...

Source Metrix

Source Metrix calculates quality metrics such as the code to comment balance to help ensure consistency of coding style.


Creates PFM font metrics file from PostScript AFM and INF font files. PFM files are required for installing Type 1 fonts in a Windows. The program can process multiple PostScript fonts within folder and it's subfolders.

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