Relaxing Sound Scheme


Windows Voice Sound Scheme Package

100+ Custom Microsoft "Rich" Voice sound theme's.
These sounds are custom created. Your pc will verbally alert you of
computer events such as programs starting or stopping, AIM, MSN or
Yahoo friends coming online or going offline, different ...

Starcraft 2 Protoss ( widescreen )  v.1.0

Starcraft 2 Protoss ( widescreen ) Windows 7 Theme is a theme for Windows 7 that includes:
- Starcraft 2 Protoss Sound Scheme
- 9 High Resolution Wallpapers
- Starcraft 2 Protoss Icon Pack
- Screensaver
Its a easy to install theme ...


Therapy Studio  v.

Therapy Studio lets you create your own relaxing sound mix. For each track you can individually adjust the volume. Includes a timer to stop composition and a “Guide” explains what the different sounds are good for and what steps you can take to sleep ...

Rainy  v.

Listen to the relaxing sound of rain.

You'll need at least a 3G connection for correct work.

Baby Soother  v.

Relax your baby by playing soothing sounds overlayed with your own recorded voice!

This will save your sanity! Every mobile plays music, but your baby reacts best to the relaxing sound of your own voice. Record yourself saying calming things, ...

FREE Sleep Aid  v.

You can create a cacophony of beautiful and relaxing sound ambience. Click on EZZ Relax, and off you go into a nice relaxing sleep world. You can click on all sounds at once and create a myriad of wonderful sounds to allow you to relax and fall asleep ...

Relaxing Sounds Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to generate relaxing sounds from the computer's speakers. Some of the tracks include: babbling brook, ocean, rain, river and waterfall. The user can choose to start and stop the noise manually or set a ...

Sound Pilot  v.

Sound Pilot is a program that makes typing process more interesting, as it will add a different sound to each keyboard key - no boring keypresses anymore. All that you need to do is choose a sound scheme from the program icon's menu, and you will discover ...

Keyboard Sounder Pro  v.1 3

This is a coolest enhance tool for keyboard that helps you gain the pleasure from the finger! It simulates typewriter or other particular sound effect when a keyboard button is pressed, so much as, it can speak the key of you pressed!


AcceleRun will run any of hundred installed programs during 2 seconds. Will save your nerves and health, without additional mouse clicks. Forget about long menus - you do not need to remember complex combinations of keys. All that is needed is to know ...


How often do you use Open-Save dialog boxes? It is time to enhance these with AcFolders. It has useful, additional tools, like categorized bookmarks, a file search tool, and a file/folder recall tool. Supported is Drag and Drop - just drop your favorite ...

AcceleRun Free

AcceleRun will run any of hundred installed programs during 2 seconds. Ergonomic design. Minimum memory usage. Ready to help you after first launch. Save your time for more important tasks!

Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's  v.

Moreover, the game features nice cartoonish graphics and an enchanting music that make the game really attractive and relaxing. Sound effects also contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere.
In short, Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's Adventure ...

XP Rahman Edition  v.1.0

- Cursors and Sounds - Cool Aero cursor pack and new stylish Sound Scheme with Rahman's Music touch..
- XP Rahman Edtion Control Panel - A control Panel Specially desgned for XP Rahman Edition.

Red Castle Screensaver  v.1.0

The scene is really attractive and pleasant, which, together with water animation and relaxing sound of water flowing, creates a very peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include music and neither has the option to add your own, ...

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