Queens Gambit


The Eight Queens

The object of this game is to put all the 8 queens onto the chess board without the queens capturing each other. A queen can capture another piece if it is on the same row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Can you find a way to put in all the 8 ...

Captain of the Queens  v.4 2

Captain of the Queens is a computer simulator and a learning tool allowing you to explore how a Captain or Harbor Pilot can maneuver the Cunard ocean liners. You are given a Bridge window that controls the ship.

If you are piloting the QM, ...


Queens Psychic Wallpaper  v.1.0

Queens Psychic Wallpaper for Desktops and laptops. Nyc reasources. Psychic art. You'll find it calm and comfortable. You'll get many comments and where and how people can get your wallpaper.

Beauty Queens  v.

Indian Beauty Queens list.

Queens Park Football News  v.

The latest Queens Park Rangers (QPR) Football Club news from four different news sources.

- Link to the latest QPR match results
- Link to QPR blog
- Link to Premier League videos
- Link to Premier League Live Scores

This ...

N Queens  v.

Intelligent *n Queens* Puzzle Board is of many sizes from 4x4 to 8x8. Board highlights the selection if wrong. Very Interactive and user friendly game brings cool user interface ...

Eight Queens  v.

The eight queens puzzle is the problem of placing eight chess queens on an 8×8 chessboard so that no two queens attack each other. If you think you got the brains, try and find out all the possible solutions. A good way to kill your time.

8 Queens  v.

Place 8 non-attacking queens in a chessboard. Sounds simple?? but it ain't.

Gambit-C  v.4.4.0

Gambit-C includes a Scheme interpreter and a Scheme compiler which can be used to build standalone executables. Because the compiler generates portable C code it is fairly easy to port to any platform with a decent C compiler. The thread system is very ...

Maze Book 2: Lost in the Medieval World  v.1.02.02

In this set, kids guide medieval characters through mazes to find kings, queens, knights, dragons, and monsters. With three levels of difficulty, kids can find the level of challenge that is right for them. Unlike paper and pencil mazes, Maze Book 2 ...

Emperor Solitaire (3 Pass)

Emperor Solitaire is a 2 deck solitaire card game where the player is trying to arrange the cards in the two decks into a formation where the 8 queens are surrounding the King of Hearts. The game begins with 7 Kings and and ace in the foundations.

Magic Match Adventures  v.

'Magic Match Adventures' is a puzzle game with an outstanding interface, which recreates a magic world with daemons, kings, queens and pixies. You become into a magic master who have to learn tricks, cast spells, and collect magic powders and stuff like ...

CliBench Mk III SMP  v.1.0

It tests dhrystone, whetstone, eight queens, matrix operations, number crunch, memory throughput and harddrive performance. It supports computers with up to 128 processors. You can import and compare other computers results, which you can download from ...

Monsters In My Backyard  v.1.0

Join GAMBIT Game Lab's big purple monster as he battles to redeem his 3D world from 2D flatness!

Main Features:

- Battle through 3 major environments as farmers, robots and aliens attempt to swarm and capture you.
- Activate ...

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