Public Speaking Simulation


Public Speaking Fear Conquered (Ebook)  v.1.0

FREE Ebook with powerful tips, techniques, and insights that will help you conquer your public speaking fears and take your presentation skills to much higher levels (written by Ron Balagot, creator of the From Nervous To Fearless Presenting System, publisher/editor ...

Public Speaking Training  v.1.0

Public Speaking Training toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox, get instant updates on all the best public speaking training blog posts, plus weather, your favorite radio channel, and more!


Fear of Public Speaking  v.1.0

Fear of public speaking toolbar for use with Internet Explorer. This toolbar will make sure that you can get the information you need on how to overcome fear of public speaking without wasting time and energy on ineffective solutions. The worst thing ...

Public Speaking  v.

Learn the Art of Confident Public Speaking!

In this short guide, you will learn:

★ The purpose of speaking

★ Selection of central idea

★ Subdivisions of the speech

★ Preparing the Introduction

★ ...


In this app you can learn how to speak in public because public speaking is an important service for preachers.

Confident Public Speaking  v.

Would you like to learn to feel confident and comfortable speaking in public?

A little bit of anxiety about presenting in public is natural and if that energy is channelled into the presentation itself and helps you to focus on preparing it properly ...

Communication Applications Software for the Classroom

This 12-unit interactive, multimedia program covers interpersonal, group, and public speaking communication. Communication Applications contains complete tracking of student progress, for business communication, classroom labs, or the home school. One ...

Bushism  v.

Bushisms are unconventional words, phrases, pronunciations, malapropisms, and semantic or linguistic errors that have occurred in the public speaking of President of the United States George W. Bush.

- 500 hilarious quotes
- ...

Perfect Speaker  v.

Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Public Speaking Once And For All, and Learn How To Give Speeches Like A Professional Speaker!

Does the thought of having to stand in front of a group of people and talk send chills up your spine? Do you shudder at the ...

Speaking Success  v.

And taking on the challenge of becoming a truly great public speaker is a noble ambition. But if you could learn the insider secret that makes the difference between good public speakers and great ones, it would help you make that transition.

Prompt! Teleprompter  v.7.5

Prompt! Teleprompter is a simple teleprompter software for public speakers used by CEO's of banks, heads of religious organizations, radio deejays and alike either on camera or in front of a live audience. Prompt! Teleprompter gives you the additional ...

Cities in Motion for Mac OS X  v.1.21

Players operate their own transportation company, building a public network with a variety of vehicle types, including buses, trams, and subway trains.By meeting the needs of city residents, the player tries to make as much profit as possible. Observing ...

Outerworlds World Server  v.3. 3. 1967

You will also have full control over user functions like building, public speaking, and who may visit your world. Your configuration determines the size of your world, number of simultaneous users. All servers start at 5 users and can be increased during ...

Groom Wedding Speech  v..

* Discover how to overcome any public speaking fears that you may have, so that you can deliver the speech of a lifetime and one that will be remembered for all the right reasons!
* Know the etiquette involved with being the Groom, so that you ...

Aurora Suite  v.2005.0002


Aurora Talk makes conversation or public speaking easy. Type what you want to say and it can be spoken. Organize your messages into topics for easy reuse. Speak frequently used phrases like "yes" or "thank you" with a ...

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