Position Statistic


MB Couple Sleeping Position Quiz

MB Couple Sleeping Position Quiz gives you the interpretation of the sleeping pose that you and partner adopt. This helps you analyze your relationship since different poses define different faces of your personality. MB Couple Sleeping Position Quiz ...

MB Sleeping Position Test

MB Sleeping Position Test analyzes your personality on the basis of your sleeping position. Your Sleeping Position tells you a lot about your personality. Know what your subconscious has to tell about your nature and behavior with the help of this software.


WinNumpad Position  v.1.0

Easily position windows on your screen. WinNumpad Position allows you to quickly position windows on your desktop using the Windows Key and NumPad. Hold down the Windows Key, then press the numbers on the NumPad to position the selected window as you ...

Website Position Pro  v.1

Website Position Pro is the best software tool to use to find out where your website is located in Google. With an easy to use interface you can simply enter your websites domain name and your keywords and find where your website is in the search engines.

Statistic and Probability Tools  v.1.7

StaTool - Statistic and Probability Tools for Windows - Hypothesis testing. - Confidence interval estimation. - Probability distributions. - One variable statistic. - Two variables statistic. - Total Probability Law and Bayes' Theorem. - Probability of ...

Excel Advanced Sort By Characters, Position, Length, Color, Dates Software  v.7.0

You can also sort by position or referencing surrounding character(s), sort by only alpha/numeric/alpha-numeric/non-alpha-numeric character(s) or sort by cell content backwards. Finally, sort cells by their length, format, color, font or date. This software ...

Position Transducers Applications

Accent Novotechnik Position Transducers Applications are described with categories - Linear Contactless, Linear Potentiometric, Rotary Sensors. Using this Application, users can learn how and where to apply the sensors in Industrial Applications. Applications ...

Chess Position Trainer  v.3 3

Chess Position Trainer is a state-of-the-art chess software with a focus on chess opening, training and repertoire management. What a mouthful. Chess Position Trainer is both free and priceless at the same time. More simply, Chess Position Trainer is ...

Wildlife Computers Global Position  v.2.0

WC-GPE2 (Wildlife Computers Global Position Estimator Version 2) integrates with WC-DAP to produce daily geolocation estimates from a tag's light-level data. Both WC-DAP and WC-GPE2 must be installed to process light level data; DAP Processor starts WC-GPE2 ...

Savvy Position Pipes  v.1.0

The Savvy Position Pipes is a package of plug-in objects for drawing lighting positions. Features include adding tick marks at regular intervals, single or double line drawing styles, both 2D and 3D components, and line weight consistency through classes.

Advanced Website Position Reporter  v.

Advanced Website Position Reporter(AWPR) automatically report website position on Google. Advanced Website Position Reporter (AWPR) is real safe Google search engine ranking report software. Unlike other software send automated queries to Google using ...

Search Engine Position Orb  v.2.0.2

NOW FREE! Search Engine Position Orb - find your search engine listings easily.

Search Engine Page Position Checker.

No need to trowelling through pages of search engine listing to try and find your own listings.

'Search ...

1st Position  v.3.00

1st Position is a search engine optimization tool that will help you on search engine promotion. It will help you discover and choose the right keywords that will get the most traffic to your Website and maximize your Website's Search Engine Ranking.

#1 Web Position Gold Platinum Professional  v.4.0.753

Web Position Gold Platinum Professional 4 supports more Search Engines! Support for over 100 new search engines has been added to the Reporter and when applicable, to the Generator, Submitter, Page Critic and Traffic Analyzer. This brings Web Position's ...

QM Position Expectation Value  v.1.0

Study the position-space wave function with this application. QM Position Expectation Value software displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function and the associated position expectation value. The default wave function is a two-state ...

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