Pattern Recognition Stock Prices Matlab


JDoji Candlestick Pattern Recognition Engine DEMO  v.1.0

jDoji Pattern Recognition Engine is a high performance pattern recognition engine with pre-built candlestick pattern library included.

Neural Pattern Recognition  v.6.0

Neural Pattern Recognition is implemented using Kohonen neural network and can recognize common stock patterns such as Head & Shoulders, Double Tops, Double Bottoms, Rounding Top, Rounding Bottom, Up Trend, Down Trend, Range, Triangle.
You could simply ...


Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic  v.1.12.04

The Refined Elliott Trader pattern recognition software from is the World's #1 in Elliott Wave Analysis, market forecasting, and price/time projections. Elliott Wave Patterns have been used by traders to successful forecast market ...

IFlash Market Alert Software  v.1.10.1007

com LLC exists to provide you and every individual investor with the BIG PICTURE by exposing them to accurate reliable pattern recognition, stock analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, trading tools, trading methodologies and concise market ...

Stock Menulet  v.10.2

Stock Menulet sits in your menubar and monitors stock prices. The font color indicates whether a price is increasing (green) or decreasing (red). Any number of stocks can be monitored, and all prices and relevant news items are displayed together in a ...

Stock Tiles  v.

Stock Tiles allows you to quickly and easily monitor stock prices from your Windows Phone start screen. Add stocks, then pin as many as you would like to your start screen.

- Keep list of pinned and unpinned tiles, so you can quickly ...


Extract competitor prices, stock prices, car sales information, postal addresses, phone numbers and more! WebPipe also has many web development features that will allow you to easily edit, view, browse or search your downloaded Web pages using WebPipe's ...

MB Zodiac Warrior Sign

This sign describes your pattern recognition and problem solving skills and how you react in adverse situations.

NeuNet Pro  v.2.30.0014

Neural networks can be used for pattern recognition, data mining, market forecasting, medical diagnosis, sports handicapping... almost any activity where you need to make a prediction based on your data.

NeuNet Pro neural network software ...

Bayes Server  v.3.0

Bayes Server™ - Advanced analytical software used in the fields of Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.
Supports both Bayesian networks and Dynamic Bayesian networks (for Time Series ...

D'peg!  v.6.20.0012

Search for duplicate files by Name, Size, Numbered Sets, Checksum, CRC, RGB val's, even Intelligent Pattern Recognition. Cross match over 24 graphic formats and visually confirm side by side. Support for Removable Media (Zip/CD) drives via disk Swap ...

TimeCoder Pro  v.5.2.712.01

The application automatically synchronizes transcripts and video depositions using advanced speech and pattern recognition. With this tool you have you in complete control of the syncing process.

Mindgames Rotapics  v.1.0

This is a great game for improving visual skills in pattern recognition and arrangement. A picture is divided into 20 square tiles. These tiles are placed on a 5x5 grid, with 5 tiles being blank. You move tiles by left or right click on the tile until ...

Livemint Alerts  v.1.0.5896.1

With livemint Desktop Alerts you can get business news, stock prices and gallery from; general news from and Cricket and Lifestyle news from It also allows you to add any RSS feed of your interest.


TurTrades  v.0.4

TurTrades lets you practice stock market trading, by replaying REAL historical stock prices and technical indicators. You can get years of trading experience in few hours, by replaying stock market data while you practice trading. TurTrades could be also ...

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