Notecard Bibliographic


NoteCard 2  v.2.5

NoteCard 2 is an educational utility for aspiring musicians of all ages. It will give you drill at recognizing music notes and turn you into a fluent note-reader. It can significantly shorten the time it takes to learn to recognize the notes instantly, ...

NoteCard  v.

With NoteCard, in contrast, you can learn the notes on your own time, under the patient tutelage of the computer, and much more efficiently than by other means, including both physical and ordinary software-based flashcards.


Reference Manager  v.

0 allows to collect references from remote bibliographic databases.
With this program you will be able to search in ISI Web of Science, PubMed and other Internet libraries worldwide. You will have the ability to export references directly from Highwire ...

Write Again!  v.

This software allows you to track your writing projects from conception to publication, storing detailed information such as bibliographic references and financial details. The Write Again Professional trial reverts to a fully registered free copy of ...

PubMedMaker 7  v.7_2.5.1

PubMedMaker is a bibliographic application for those in the fields of medicine and biology. It will convert PubMed data to FileMaker Pro files simply by dragging and dropping. PubMed is a free on-line web site for MEDLINE offered by National Library of ...

BibCiter  v.1.5

BibCiter is an online bibliographic manager, to privately manage your bibliography or openly publish bibliographies on the web. Multiuser (admin, edit, external). Lists in APA standards. BibTeX import/export. RSS feed. WP styles. Visit website for demo.

Biblatex  v.1.0

Biblatex is a LaTeX package which provides full-featured bibliographic facilities ...

Bibliophile  v.1.5

Bibliophile is a loose grouping of independent OS or GPL bibliographic systems and aims at promoting discussion, standards and the development of common utilities.

BibTeXML  v.1.0

BibteXML is a bibliography schema for XML that expresses the content model of BibTeX a€“ the bibliographic system for use with LaTeX. Stylesheets and conversion tools are provided.

JReferences  v.0.7.5

JReferences is a tool to store and retrieve bibliographic references from a file or MySQL database.It reads BibTeXML, DocBook XML and RIS type references, and can output these and BibTex.A bibtex like alternative is also provided for DocBook XML docu ...

MarcXimiL  v.0.3.6

MarcXimiL is a flexible multi-platform bibliographic similarity analysis framework. Features: deduplication, information monitoring, visual analysis, plagiarism detection. Supported: MARCXML, OAI-PMH2 harvesting, and importation of text MARC.

Refbase - Web Reference Database  v.0.9.5

refbase is a web-based bibliographic manager which can import and export references in various formats (including BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML, and OpenOffice). It can make formatted lists of citations and offers powerful searching, rich metadata, and RSS.

Yabman: Yet Another Bibliography Manager  v.0.0.20060326

Yabman is a tool for managing bibliographic references. Its key features are a quality user interface, a carefully designed data model, and sophisticated three-state hierarchical reference labeling. It is currently usable but in a pre-alpha stage.

Zope Open Archives Cataloguer  v.0.3

The Open Archive Cataloguer (zOAC) project applies the OAI-PMH protocol for automatic metadata harvesting and aggregation of bibliographic records and has been developed over the web application server Zope. Based on Pentila's ZOpenArchives Zope Product.

Sean's Magic Slate  v.1. 7. 2005

Sean's Magic Slate is a very easy-to-use coloring book for small children.
Sean's Magic Slate includes several landscapes, and different objects to paint. The same landscapes that are available for painting are also present as colored templates ...

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