National Football League Lists


National Rugby League  v.

National Rugby League News ...

National Hockey League  v.

Want to keep up to date will all your favorite hockey teams and know exactly whats going on within the National Hockey League.

Well here is an app that will do exactly that! This NHL application has the RSS feeds you need to know everything ...


ZFL - Zombie Football League  v.1.0

Get your zombie to the end zone without being tackled in this 3d undead football game!In the near future, a great war has brought about a new biological plague that delivered humanity its final destruction: Zombies. While humanity fought valia ...

National forensics league  v.

Quick access to all of your Forensics needs.

ESPNSunday Night Football  v.1.0

ESPN Sunday Night Football is the ESPN cable network's weekly television broadcasts of Sunday evening National Football League (NFL) games. ESPN earned broadcast rights to a series of Sunday night NFL games, which were to air during the second half of ...

Streaming Stats US Sports Edition

News and Scores for National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association. News and Sports feeds can be configured for USA, Australia or Europe.

NFL Live  v.

NFL Live provides you the latest news and results in the National Football League. Keep up to date on game day with the RedZone feature!

NFL Live Features Include:
- Latest NFL Football news
- RedZone!! Displays up to date scores sorted ...

QuickScores  v.

You can get live sports scores for The National Football League NFL , College NCAA Football, Magor League Baseball MLB, National Basketball Association NBA, College NCAA Basketball, and the National Hockey League NHL.

Conference Call Pro  v.1.5

Conference Call Pro provides schedule and scoring data from the 2005 season for teams in the National Football League. The widget fetches its data from (with permission!), and links to more details information on that web site.To save screen ...

Football Pro '13 Paid  v.


The Ultimate Football App has come back with the Football Pro ’13 update.

Football Pro ’13 with a growing community of 50,000+ fans is the number one choice to follow the action of the National ...

FFLM  v.6.0

FFLM is the ultimate PC-based software program to help you run your fantasy football league. It is extremely easy to use and very customizable, so it can accommodate almost any fantasy football league's rules. FFLM can create over 20 different reports ...

Fantasy Football Expert  v.3.777

Fantasy Football Expert is a software program developed to increase your chances of winning your fantasy football league. The software helps you improve your decision-making ability in order to squeeze every potential point from your fantasy football ...

Blood Bowl League  v.0.0.9

Imagine a football league composed of teams of orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves, humans ... As a trainer, you manage one of those teams and guide your players through the matches against other teams : hotseat, in net-based leagues etc.

UFL And The UFL Manager  v.2 2

UFL (Universal Football League) was released by Larry Rodgers in 2004. It is a text-based (American) football simulator.
The UFL Manager is a utility to assist with UFL gaming.
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista and ...

PC Soccer  v.3 7

PC Soccer is a football league management software that generates statistics on amateur and professional leagues. Stats are fully configurable and apply to all leagues, teams, players, referrees, etc. PC Soccer also includes a configurable result prediction ...

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