Multiple Scenarios


Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel  v.1 2

Using Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel, you may quickly and very simply create, evaluate and manage multiple scenarios of your models in Microsoft Excel.

Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel is a tool which will allow you to appreciate the impact ...

Mortgage Broker Calculator  v.1.0

This all in one mortgage broker calculator can be used by any mortgage professional worldwide for home loan and investment property purchasers to calculate multiple scenarios and costs all on one page. Calculate repayments, total cost annual percentage, ...


Team@Work Professional Edition  v.1.7

It supports comprehensive project planning including multiple scenarios, real-time teamwork management and detailed dynamic business analysis. It controls hundreds of people in hundreds of projects, supports multi-level decision-making on the project ...

Model Analyzer for Excel  v.2.0

Model Analyzer for Excel contains a serie of functionalities allowing you to boost analysis
capacity and versatility in your Excel decision making models, as it includes the functions of several of our
Build, analyze and manage multiple scenarios to any ...

MoneyProfesor  v.

?' scenarios.

* Add single or repeating payments or withdrawals
* Specify future changes in Interest rates by drawing a graph freehand
* Calculate interest using a variety of common schemes (interest calculated daily, credited monthly ...

Autosecretary  v.4.0.25

The program can work with multiple modems and run multiple scenarios simultaneously. Any ODBC-compatible data source can be used (such as text files, Excel documents, Access databases, Oracle, MS SQL, FoxPro etc.)

Main features:

APSW Budget Planner V3 Pro  v.

Multiple Scenarios option: Based on three different scenarios on a static loan amount, this option allows you to view these scenarios based on varying interest rates and repayment options. Multiple Plan option: Based on the Multiple Scenarios option, ...

EventStudio System Designer  v.5

EventStudio analyzes the model for design errors and automatically generates use case and sequence diagrams for multiple scenarios. Diagram layout handling is fully automated. Sequence diagrams can be generated at different levels of abstraction, enabling ...

Testing Anywhere  v.9.3

And because we use a single-platform approach, users can create a single test that can be used in multiple scenarios including load, functional, and mobile. To keep teams on the same page and aware of test performance, Testing Anywhere also lets you ...

Serial Port Splitter  v.5.0.119

That's an example, however there are multiple scenarios possible.

With Serial Splitter it is very convenient to join some real COM ports into one virtual. You may get the use out of this when you need an application to work with multiple serial ...

MS Word Extract Images From Multiple Documents Software

Get pictures and photos from multiple Word files quickly. Simply select which files to extract from and this application will go through each image in each doc and save to a bitmap (bmp) image file.

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple (or Two) HTML Files Into One Software

Combine multiple htm / html files together into one file. Load a group of files into the list and click 'Join'. You decide what the name of the result file will be. The joining process takes only a few seconds.

Excel Delete Duplicate Cells In Multiple Files Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to remove cells that are duplicates from multiple sheets in one or more MS Excel files. Duplicates are found by comparing all cells in all sheets per selected file. This software can save you hours by ...

Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard  v.1.20

An essential product from the authors of Photo Pos Pro photo editor (a free photo editor) - Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard is a free panoramic photo editing utility allows you to easily print multiple images on a single page/paper in various ways ...

Multiple File Find Replace Buddy

Multiple File Find Replace Buddy 2.1 will scan specified files for specified text and replace is it with new text. Up to 20000 Find and Replace values can be stored in the software. - By: Find Replace ...

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