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Back Link Analyzer

Back link analyzer software is beneficial solution for checking multiple links status of advertiser website on different publisher websites. Powerful back link checker tool increases quality of all websites by analyzing number of back links to your website.

Mihov Link Checker  v.0.5

Mihov Link Checker is a program that can check multiple links on a web site or a local web page. It reports the state of easch link: a link is valid or missing, forbidden or otherwise not accessible.
All the links can be stored in a plain text file ...

Advertisement Alpha  v.1.0

ly allows you to re-route your links any time, any place.
You can shorten multiple links at once, pick up catchy designs and choose among dozens of integrated short and meaningful domain names.
All embedded multi-sites are opened with just one ...

EnhancedLabel Library Ver 1.5.0  v.1. 5. 2000

A native C++ Win32 DLL to convert Static Label into Professional Control, like GradientBar Label, Single Link or Multiple-Links LinkBar, Button with different colors and styles, or even a Panel Control. Easy and Simple to APIs, highlightly customizable!

Check Favorites  v.1.7

This program is a link checker for your bookmarks, hotlist, IE favorites and Web page links. It can check multiple links simultaneously and remove broken ones. You can extract, check and export the links on any HTML page in a variety of formats. It supports ...

Copy Link URL  v.1.5

Copy Link URL is a Firefox addon, allows you to select multiple links and copy their URLs to clipboard. The main use for this extension was to copy multiple Rapidshare links but you can use it for almost anything.Requirements:
* Firefox ...

Radar-Pocket Web  v.

Radar-The Pocket Web is a browser enabled multiple links containing information related education, Shopping Stuff and technology. You can instantly check your E-mail Accounts. Be updated with latest NEWS. Directly connect with Windows phone AppHub. Aditional ...

Reciprocal Links Trek Pro  v.3.2

The program gives you the ability to "spider" websites in order to find links! Gather links to scan directly from your existing link page Handles an unlimited number of your websites too!
Gather links to scan directly from your existing link page
Handles ...

Download Multiple Web Files Software  v.7.0

To get this software to work, simply load a list of remote links/URLs/file addresses from a text file and click the start button to begin downloading. There is an advanced bonus feature include in the software to try to discover download links inside ...


Loading multiple links from the selected web page area or all links within the current web page with a single mouse-click, translating web pages online into various languages and voicing web page. You can easily manage the currently opened Internet Explorer ...

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer  v.

This software is useful for keeping our favorite websites links handy and well organized. We can use organize links and URLs hierarchically, email a selected item, add URLs to and from our browser by dragging and dropping them, create website thumbnail ...

Link Checker Pro  v.

Link Checker Pro is the leading solution for website analysis and the detection of broken and other problem links. Link Checker Pro combines powerful features and an easy to use interface and is robust enough to deal with corporate websites containing ...

IENavigator  v.2.0.18

Loading multiple links from the selected web page area, or every link within the current web page with a single mouse-click, translating web pages online into various languages and web page voicing will make your Internet surfing much more comfortable.

MTools Enterprise Excel Tools  v.1.095

modify multiple links in multiple workbooks),
- defined name manager,
- duplicates manager,
- update links (in multiple closed workbooks),
- compare spreadsheets,
- spreadsheet development,
- data analysis,
- warnings ...

DeskBug  v.1.3

Files can be executive, document, graphic, links etc. You can for example drop links from your favourites list or add a web page reference so that your browser opens with a particular site or you can add image files to open in your default viewer. Programs ...

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