Model Aircraft Log Book


Electronic Log Book  v.1 15

The Electronic Log Book is designed for shifting workers in 24/7 facilities like accommodation centers, aged care centers, child care centers, factories, hospitals. The Electronic Log Book overcomes the limitation of a paper log book. Makes it easy for ...

Command Log Book  v.2. 1. 2004

Command Log Book assists pilots to maintain accurate flight time and aircraft records. Your records can be sorted, searched, summarised and printed in a variety of ways with minimal effort.

Maintain your pilot log book electronically with ...


Diabetes Log Book  v.

Diabetes Log Book allows you to keep track of blood glucose readings, meals, insulin delivery, and activity to review and help make informed decisions about managing your health all on your phone.

Developed by a diabetic out of necessity, and ...

Dive Log Book  v.2.2.1

Dive Log Book is a easy to use logbook for scuba diving. It makes possible to record basic dive data, dive notes with photos, weather conditions and provides simple statistics. Records can be exported into PDF document or interactive WWW page. Features ...

Model Air Design  v.1.6

Model Aircraft Design software for Windows PC. Model Air Design is the new, quick and easy way to create airplane models. It's a modern software tool for model aircraft design.

Model Air Design is for every person, young or old, who has a ...

Model Airplane Color Design  v.2.3

Model Airplane Color Design is a PC program that helps design paint schemes for model aircraft. It's very easy to use. It should not take more than 15 minutes to create a simple paint scheme the first time you use MACD. MACD Program Highlights OCo Ease ...

Winfoil  v.3 36

Winfoil is a an aeronautical computer aided design tool for designing, analysing and modifying model aircraft. It also provides the ability to print the design (wing ribs, fuselage sides, wing and tail plans) to any Windows supported printer and export ...

VQLog  v.

VQLog is a shareware log-book program for Windows specially intended for HF or VHF-DX'ers and Satellite enthusiasts, and it is fully usable for ALL amateur bands from 0 KHz to 99 GHz !!.

These are just some of the main facilities provided by ...

PilotLog Offline  v.2.0

PilotLog Offline allows you to edit flights away from an internet connection, then synchronise with your log book at a convenient time.


- JAR compliant - stores all information required by the ANO. *
- Keeps ...

SkyLog  v.6 9

A powerful, easy to use log book for sky divers. It allows you to store information about all of your jumps, and maintain a directory of the drop zones you use. SkyLog provides a number automatically compiled stats on your jumps, and allows you to calculate ...

Propeller Scanner  v.

Uses a side and a top view of a model aircraft propeller from your scanner and calculates chord and twist distributions. While this may be not as accurate as a true geometric measurement, it can be quite fast and the results are not that bad.

RC Helicopters  v.1.0

RC Helicopters or Radio Controlled helicopters are model aircraft which are distinct from RC airplanes because of the differences in construction, aerodynamics, and flight training. Several basic designs of RC helicopters exist, some more maneuverable ...

Diabetics2  v.

Diabetics Log-Book is an Application done specially for Diabetics.
Its main goal is to make a safe log-book for any Diabetic to use in saving all important entities regarding his health.
Such as, All his Blood measurement records daily, and all ...

ScubaLog  v.

Scuba Log Book A? l'applicazione utile per tutti coloro che praticano l'attivitA subacquea. Dimenticarsi il log book non sarA piAa un problema.
Permette di salvare i dati relativi all'immersione e i dati utente.

LogMyDrive  v.

It is for the purpose of maintaining a personal driving log-book.

When this app is running it is recording your trip by sending GPS positions to web site every few seconds. Later you can use any web browser to see your recorded ...

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