Missing Person Resource


WinID3  v.3 6

WinID is a dental computer system that matches missing persons to unidentified human remains. WinID makes use of dental and anthropometric characteristics to rank possible matches. WinID has proved useful in mass disaster situations and in the creation ...

SMT: SAR Management Toolkit  v.1.0

Experimental application for assisting in the management of land searches for missing persons. Incorporates OpenJump for GIS rendering of segments, POA recalculation, and task assignments suggested by missing person behavior profiles.


Jenkins Personal History Search  v.1. 5. 1946

* Locate a lost or missing person.

Wanted  v.

( Summary )
Camera app to create a safe society

In the town, well, I saw a wanted poster posters and find people.

Even if I think I want to help, but I do not remember the face.

So, I use this app.

( How to use ...

Duoserve ScheduFlow  v.12.0.4489

Schedules can be viewed in the following ways: Daily view 5 day work-week view 7 day weekly view Monthly view Time Line/Gantt Chart view Carousel view Type on the calendar of the person/resource administering the appointment and your schedule is created! ...

Kaseda Missing People Finder

Kaseda missing people finder. This site is dedicated to finding missing people. We have many types of person
search services. Mostly focuses on missing children, but also includes information about FBI missing
persons/kidnapping lists and other ...

Zeta Resource Editor  v.

Zeta Resource Editor is a free application that enables you to edit standard Microsoft .NET string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid. This simplifies the translation of strings to multiple different ...

Resource Builder

Mighty strong resource files builder/editor for developers. Create, edit, compile and merge RC scripts to build new resource files (.res). Import resources from existing WIN32 executables and 32-bit/16-bit resource files (RES, DCR). Resource Builder supports ...

Resource Tuner Console  v.2.00

Resource Tuner Console is a tool that enables developers to automate batch editing of the resources embedded in 32 and 64-bit Windows executable files. This command-line resource editor allows using VBScript to create a repeatable process for updating ...

Resource Scheduling

Our online Resource Scheduling Software allows your employees to easily book meeting rooms and resources from any computer connected to the web.

Bytemon Network & Resource Monitor

Bytemon is a network and resource performance monitoring application, intended to give administrators real-time information about the condition of networks and servers, while at the same time providing historical data and charts for reporting, resource ...

Total Resource Changer

Total Resource Changer makes the process of changing version variables an easy thing. In few minutes you will be able to modify the file version numbers as well as product version numbers. Total Resource Changer may automatically increase the last value ...

How to hypnotize a person

html - how to hypnotize a person ...

Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing

The Mona Medusa is missing and it`s up to you to help Steve the Sheriff track down the thief. Use your Hidden Object skills to scour a multitude of screens. Find key objects within the scene to solve fun Adventure-style puzzles. Follow Steve and his ...

Recover Missing Files on Mac  v.

Recover Missing Files on Mac is the extremely powerful software that helps you to recover missing files from Mac OS X volumes. It has special in-built scanning algorithm to find missing files and safely restores files into your user defined storage location ...

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