Mirror Screensaver App


Mirror Cam  v.

Take weird and abstract photos with the Mirror Cam app or just use it to make your friends look silly.
Choose from three different mirror settings including horizontal, vertical and kaleido, compose your shot using the live effect preview.
This ...

IScreensaver Personal 4  v.4.3.2001

The only screensaver app for mixing movies and photos together. Make personal screensavers for your Mac using your own audio-visual content: movies, photos, and music. Full control over sequencing, timing, and motion effects. Add styled text captions ...


WP7 Screensaver  v.

WP7 Screensaver was ranked number 7 by AppFlow. Thank you for making this app one of the top 10.

New: now you can choose any background image, right from your device library.

{WP7 Screensaver} is a very simple and very practical app, ...

Desk Stand  v.

{Desk Stand} is a very simple and very practical app, just tilt the device to the left to have a night clock with special light and alarm, or tilt the device to the right to have a wide screen desk stand screensaver which includes time, date, current ...

Magic Mirror Kaleidoscope Screensaver  v.2 1

Magic Mirror is a new screensaver - and software toy - that operates as a true kaleidoscope, taking ordinary pictures and creating full-screen moving kaleidoscope images from them. You can even move the mirrors 'by hand' to create and save your own unique ...

!Easy ScreenSaver Station  v.5.3

!Easy ScreenSaver Station is a cool ScreenSaver maker software for you to make your own ScreenSavers easily. You can create your own ScreenSaver with the New Wizard step by step. Images, Flash movies and background music can be included into your creations ...

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio  v.4 1

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio is a nifty and cool ScreenSaver maker software that you can use to make your own ScreenSaver easily. You can create ScreenSaver step by step with the New Wizard. It is easy to add image files or acquire images to be included from ...

Grey Highlands Screensaver  v.1.0

Grey Highlands Screensaver is a beautiful screensaver which shows snowed mountains. The scene shows them with a few pine trees, which are reflected in the tranquil waters of a lake, creating a fantastic mirror effect. The water has a little movement, ...

Mirror  v.

Change your phone to a mirror,
Use if to adjust you hair style or whatever you like to do.

It’s a simple App works in a basic concept of "any black shiny surface reflects" ...

Mirror Free  v.

Smile with confidence! Makeup Mirror is a high quality and versatile mirror app brought to you Free by the team at Wicked Wolf Apps.

- Easily zoom in and out.
- Quickly adjust brightness and contrast settings.
- Innovative ...

Makeup Mirror  v.

Smile with confidence! Makeup Mirror is a high quality and versatile mirror app brought to you by the team at Wicked Wolf Apps.

We all know that no mirror application can exactly reproduce the true reflective surface of an actual mirror. Yet ...

Camera Mirror  v.

*** for phones with front facing camera only!!!
Ever needed a make sure your hair looks ok?
Last minute makeup addition?
This app uses the front camera of your phone to make it work like a mirror.
All you need to do is run this app and ...

ScreenSaver Druid  v.1.0

ScreenSaver Druid is freeware solution for managing screensavers. It installs as default screensaver on your computer and has the control center running in the system tray area of your taskbar. Therefore, once you set your preferences for running screensavers ...

ScreenSaver Start  v.1.0

Introducing our newest utility app: ScreenSaver StartScreenSaver Start sits up in your menu bar allowing you to quickly start your screensaver by configuring a global hotkey. It can additionally be configured to start at login, so it's always ...

Majestic Mountain Screensaver  v.1.5.2

Majestic Mountain Screensaver is a free screensaver that shows a series of pictures of mountains. The mountain creates a sort of mirror effect that is also very attractive. Enjoying a beautiful mountain is tough to do if you've planned too many activities.

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