Microsoft Research Wifi


Microsoft Research Project Colletta  v.2. 2. 2001

The Microsoft Research Project Colletta helps you manage your tasks, activities and related resources. It allows you to tag documents, images, emails, web pages and other items that are useful for performing a given task or activity. You can create tags ...

Microsoft Research Reader  v.

Microsoft Research Reader is an experimental app from the Microsoft Research web team. With Microsoft Research Reader you can view the latest and top videos, projects, publications, downloads and browse research areas.

Version 1.2 includes a ...


Z3-2.6  v.2 6

Z3 is a high-performance theorem prover being developed at Microsoft Research. Z3 supports linear real and integer arithmetic, fixed-size bit-vectors, extensional arrays, uninterpreted functions, and quantifiers. Z3 is integrated with a number of program ...

MSR Viewer  v.

Download topo maps and images from Microsoft Research Maps (former terraserver, covers US only). Store these maps or images on the device and view them also when no internet connection is available.

Face Touch  v.

Create funny facial expressions by poking different parts, unlock different steps and solve the final mystery!
This app uses face-related technologies from Microsoft Research. For best results, please select a photo with frontal faces in good lighting ...

Software Summit 2011  v.

Microsoft Research is holding the inaugural Software Summit which will bring together thought leaders from academia, research labs, funding agencies and Microsoft to discuss the state of software research and development. This is the electronic program ...

Academic Search  v.

Academic Search WP7 client is a free academic search application based on new technologies from Microsoft Research. It gives users access to more than 36 million publications on multiple academic domains.

• Search the Academic ...

FSharp Tutorials  v.

This app helps you understand the very basic concepts of F # Programming language which was initially developed by Don Syme at Microsoft Research but is now being developed at Microsoft Developer Division and is being distributed as a fully supported ...

Windows Live Photo Gallery  v.15.4.3555.308

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a photo management and sharing software released as a part of Microsoft's Windows Live initiative. It is an upgraded version of Windows Photo Gallery, which is a part of Windows Vista and Windows 7.Key Features:
1. Photo ...

Dryad and DryadLINQ  v.1.0.1411.2 Academic

The Dryad distributed computing engine from Microsoft is designed to support data-parallel computing for use in many important types of applications, including a variety of data-mining applications, image and stream processing, and some scientific computations.

Lector RSS  v.

es un lector de RSS de microsoft research ...

Faculty Summit 2011  v.

The 12th Microsoft Research Faculty Summit provides a forum for lively debate of the development, application and funding of these technologies in the environmental, medical and educational spheres over a long period of time. The program consists ...

Engkoo  v.


Free dictionary and translation based on new technology from Microsoft Research. Currently supporting English-English and English-Chinese (Simplified). Define/translate a word, phrase or sentence.

Chemistry Add-in for Word  v.

And being able to communicate and collaborate in a discipline-specific language is essential to scientific research, especially in an environment characterized by staggering volumes of data. In chemistry, not only is there a specific language, but a ...

Time Meter for Microsoft Outlook

Choosing the technology capable of automating time and expenses tracking while offering high level of accuracy is crucial for building a winner team! TimeMeter is an expansion module for Microsoft Outlook that allows systematizing current projects, timelines, ...

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