Mahjong World Game


Mahjong World  v.7. 3. 2023

Probably a nice feeling will invade you and that's exactly how you will feel when you first enter 'Mahjong World' game.
The goal of the game is the following: you must clear the board of tiles by matching them off in pairs. However, you can only ...

Mahjong World Contest HTML5  v.1.1

Plunge into 'Mahjong World Contest' and conduct a world tournament with various qualifying rounds and achievements. Dispose of unlocked matching tiles pairs from a game board, there should not be any other tiles on the other side or on top of them. Win ...


Gekko Mahjong World Championship  v.

The application features two game modes: Classic and Championship, with 12 layouts to choose from in Classic mode and 1,000 unique levels in Championship mode.

It features high-score tables for all game modes; both local and worldwide ...

Mahjong Champ 3D  v.3 11

Play free Mahjong Solitaire game in 3D!
Mahjong Champ 3D is a new release of the world-famous game with colorful 3D graphics and realistic shading effects. The game features high-quality classic Chinese Mahjong tiles and over 40 solvable mahjong ...

Mystical Mahjong  v.1.0

Mystical Mahjong is a single player version of Mahjong. This game comes without lots of complicated options and features. It is designed to appeal to people who want a simple low cost quality implementation of this beautiful game. It is ideal for people ...

Random Factor Mahjong  v.1. 3. 2002

Random Factor Mahjong is a new and very different Mahjong game. It puts the traditional Mahjong style game play into a 'Puzzle/Levels' format. The game has a visual style that perfectly combines realism and playability. The result is one of the best looking ...

Astraware Mahjong  v.1.05.001

Astraware Mahjong is a full-featured Mahjong Solitaire game that includes these unique features:•AutoZoom - optional feature which zooms in or out from the play area automatically based on the number of tiles remaining. Players can also zoom m ...

Random Mahjong  v.1.0.9

A truly unique and stunning twist on the classic Solitaire Mahjong board game.The game uses a random board generator, so every time you start your game, a fresh challenge awaits. The levels can be as small as 32 tiles, or as large as 152 tiles ...

WellMahjong  v.9.0.115

Start your adventure right now! Be the first to discover new stylish free mahjong match game! The rules are so easy - match identical tiles to clear the playfield.

Don't forget that you can use the tiles with open right or left side only.

Mahjongg Towers II  v.

Mahjong Towers II, The Rise of Shanghai, is the latest version of our award winning Mahjong solitaire game.
Play traditional 144 tile layouts or step up to the 'towers', with up to 432 tiles and up to nine levels tall. With over 500 layouts and ...

TigerSichuan  v.

TigerSichuan is a free Sichuan(Mahjong pairing) game.
Anyone can enjoy this Sichuan(Mahjong pairing) game with its easy and intuitive interface.

Rules of Sichuan(Mahjong pairing) game.

-From the tiles piled on the board, remove two ...

Legacy Of The Black Tower  v.4.3

Beautiful 3D open-world game in which you'll have to overpower a lot of fantastic creatures using different types of magical staves. After being imprisoned in a tower for 300 years, a great evil has been freed and is now spreading throughout the world.

Moraffs MahJongg XIV  v.14.0

Moraff's MahJongg is a stunning version of the popular mahjong tile game that features a beautiful, graphical display of tiles placed on a gorgeous background. This new version includes a Tileset Maker, new tilesets, backgrounds, cursors, layouts, the ...

Mahjongger  v.1.2.002

mahjongger is similar to the ancient Chinese game of mahjong (solitaire). Game is intended for children and promotes development of figurative thinking. The goal of the game is to eliminate all tiles on the board by matching pairs of free tiles. A tile ...

Biocide  v.

In this microbial world game you are in a raging war against the microorganisms. Your aim is to terminate all the microbes moving across the petri dish by using the right biocide.

To terminate the microbes, you will need to pick ...

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