Lnc Octopus


OCTOPUS+  v.1.0

OCTOPUS+ is a manager for multiple Internet connections. OCTOPUS+ is an innovative Internet Source Manger that brings a new revolutionary change in the way internet connections are utilized. OCTOPUS+ will help in utilizing all the active internet connections ...

Octopus Log  v.0.7.1

Octopus Log is an electronic dive log for divers. The program offers everything, you need to log your dives, the actual log, where you can record all details of every dive, an overview over all gear items, all buddies and diving sites. If you have a dive ...


Space Octopus Mono  v.

In a world without color, only you and your friend can stop the invasion of the octopus army. Race through special stages, collect rare upgrades and destroy strange aliens as you explore one of the most unique experiences on the marketplace.

-- ...

Octopus Music API  v.beta.1.0

The Octopus Music Library is a Java API designed to help developers and composers to deal with musical performance elements in a high level programming environment.

Octopus for Mac OS X  v.1.3.2000

The Octopus is a Dual-Matrix synthesizer containing one Matrix for Oscillator/Filter frequency modulation synthesis and another Matrix for general modulation. The key component for building a sound is the instrument’s 8 oscillators, Sampler, 2 filters ...

Octopus  v.3 1

This program allows You to get file from server by partsthrough several threads concurrently. Every thread loads some block which will be concatenated to the destination file. Ftp and Http protocols are supported. Easy to use. Can be localized now.

Seafloor Shipwreck  v.5 12

But make sure you watch out for the octopus and sharks!!! Download this amazing screensaver from Vomba, and dive amongst the marine life filled with surprises!!!

Sea Screensaver  v.0.1

There lives various kinds water animals like octopus, star fish, jelly fish, whale, dolphin, shark etc. When anyone look at the sea, his mind became large. In the every year many viewers came to sea beach to enjoy the beauty of sea. The wave and roar ...

Octodad  v.1.1.0

The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about a day of his life. His existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodian ...

CarryOn  v.

World traveler Sid the Octopus is always on the go. But Sid travels smart! With CarryOn he always has his lists of favorite places and custom maps at his many fingertips. One click and he is getting driving directions and navigation to any of ...

I want to be a... Pirate  v.

Enjoy this quirky rhyming story of a young boy who would like nothing more than to be a pirate with an octopus captain and a parrot who loves chocolate cookies.
You will love this creative story with interactive images! Feed the parrot cookies, ...

UnderWater  v.

try to avoid shark, octopus(make you can't see around exactly), bomb, TNT,...
Now, Let's play it!!!

Quantum Chemistry Import Tool  v.0.3.1

Quantum Chemistry Import Tool is a django application that parses the output file of quantum chemistry software as NWChem, Octopus, Gaussian, etc. The result can be saved in relational database.

Mermaid Adventures The Frozen Time  v.1.6

Again evil Octopus and his servants
mean tricks on inhabitants of the underwater world.
And of course the little mermaid Alice have to wake up her friends and save the frozen Sea.

And good sorceress Turtle will help them in ...

OceanDive  v.1.4

Behold the amazing undersea world of the living ocean! OceanDive takes you on a journey through the eyes of a scuba-diver, showing you stunning sub-marine vistas, shoals of fish, undersea caves, the coral reef, and much more! Buy OceanDive and get a new set of amazing underwater scenes AND a free undersea exploration game! Always wanted to know what is just around that canyon corner, or just beyond the edge of your visibility? The exploration game gives YOU the freedom to find out! Enjoy the sights of the world beneath the waves that is OceanDive, and you don't even need to bring your scuba gear! * Beautifully realized, living, breathing 3D environment * Amazing animated creatures, dozens of species, including shark, tortoise, octopus and clownfish * ...

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