Linux Java Trading


Open Java Trading System  v.0.13

The Open Java Trading System (OJTS) is meant to be a common infrastructure to develop (stock) trading systems. There are four parts: gathering of raw data over the internet, recognition of trading signals, a visualisation module and trading with banks.

SFL Java Trading System Enviroment  v.0.42

The SFL Java Trading System Enviroment is a java application built on KISS principle (Keep It Simple,Stupid) and its aim is to provide a fast and platform indipendent infrastructure to develop and execute trading systems.


Filesystem Basica  v.

filesystem Basica is an basic filesystem that can be re-used by anyone developing a Linux / Java distro.Usage:
1. use the cf command for creating new files/dirs.
2. use the vf command to view contents of files/dirs.
3. use the df command to ...

Tools & Techn. for Open Repositories  v.1.1.20

i-Tor is a set of Tools and Technologies for Open Repositories, based on Linux, Java, MySQL, Mirage and other free components. It harvests OAI and turns databases into Open Archives. It includes similarity, backlinks and related search based on Lucene.

OpenThinClient  v.1.0.0

OpenThinClient is an Open Source Thin Client Solution consisting of a Linux based operating system along with a comprehensive Java based management GUI and server component. It is intended for environments where a medium to large number of Thin Clients ...

ActTrader  v.4.3.327.42

ActTrader is a feature-rich desktop application that allows you to monitor the market and engage in online trading.
Main Features:
- Each window shows information and gives access to specific functions
- Convenient controls via FXVoyager ...

JPOPc  v.0.1a

jPOPc is a lightweight, threaded, multipart, UTF-8 compliant POP3 Mailclient written in Java.The software is very feature-rich, very fast and it supports Base64 encoded attachments.
With such a flexible configuration jPOPc can also supports Quoted-Printable ...

JHTTPd  v.1.0

0 compliant, threaded webserver written in Java. The software is very feature-rich, very fast and it supports MIME-Types.
With such a flexible configuration jHTTPd can get your webserver up and running in no time.
jHTTPd Features:
1. threaded

MeDs Movie Manager  v.

It's written in Java and should therefore run on most desktop systems supporting Java.MeD's Movie Manager is a free program distributed under the GPLv2 or later license, which basicly means you may download binaries and source code for no cost at all.

FlexiCrypt  v.1.0

performance comparisonRequirements:
* Java ...

PPSee  v.1 29

PPSee is a wonderful tool for the novice photographers who love to share their images and photographs in creative way to their friends and beloved ones. The tool is probably best in the industry, being free and really loaded with different functionalities.

GeDi  v.6.0

GEDI (Groundtruthing Environment for Document Images) is a highly configurable document image annotation tool. Its basic structure involves two types of files, an Image file, and a corresponding .XML file in GEDI format. LAMP Univ of MD, College Park, ...

Internet Gate  v.1 46

Internet gate for Windows is a multiple proxy gate and firewall for Windows 95/NT. It can allow users on a Local Area Network (LAN) without Internet access to access the Internet through a single machine on the LAN connected to the Internet, either via ...

Backup Easy  v.2. 3. 2007

It's essential to protect your files and folders from accidental deletion and occasional system disasters, which can result in erasing some important information you are storing on your computer. Backup Easy is a program that can help you secure your ...

HJSplit PRO Beta  v.0.3

We can find multiple versions of this software with the same options and different ways to execute them, some version that can be run from DOS, Linux, Java, Php, Mac, and separate version of some options (Join) compatible between them, providing a great ...

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