Kml Style Editor


Picture Style Editor  v.

Picture Style Editor is a software for making picture styles that can be applied to RAW images or EOS cameras, will enable you to easily create your own picture style files from RAW images. As soon as the photo is loaded in Picture Style Editor, youll ...


The code editor is a full featured programmer style editor with features like auto-indent, line numbers, syntax coloring, and a Regular Expression search and replace function. You will find this utility takes hours of work out of the conversion process.


Spider Writer  v.5.20.0610

Spider Writer is a feature-packed text-based and WYSIWYG HTML editor, FTP client, image mapper, and style editor suite. The Spider Writer HTML Editor features an easy-to-learn user interface, text-based and WYSIWYG HTML editing, split/full-screen browser ...

Website Realizer  v.1.7.19

Website Realizer, a website builder, lets you build websites just by dragging and dropping images, media, and effects, then adding your own text, all in the comfort of an intuitive WYSIWYG editor! There's no programming knowledge needed, since Website ...

Wave Xtractor  v.3.0.700


Furthermore you can also Manage & Organize your KORG PA Styles with the Style Manager. You can 'SWAP', 'Copy/Paste' & 'Delete' Styles.

GenScriber  v.2.3.4

GenScriber can be used as a richtext editor, or a spreadsheet style editor for transcribing genealogy documents from images of census registers, church/parish records etc. No installation is required. Just unzip and run it. You can even run it from ...

PostworkShop Pro Edition  v.1.1.2951

Define your own Style, create a personal line that makes you recognizable or surprise your friends with new styles every day. With one simple click you can transform your photo, 2D image or 3D render into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel drawing ...

Dreamweaver Extensions  v.1.5

Each Dreamweaver extension in this pack features rich GUI with live preview, preset themes and a powerful style editor, allowing for complete customization. Designed in accordance with best coding practices (structure/style/behavior layer separation, ...

MessLess Inventory  v.5.0

The program comes with five built-in editors: Form Editor, Report Style Editor, HTML/TXT Output Editor, Formula Editor and ToolBar Editor. These editors make program adjustments a quick and easy process. There are also 16 various types of data entry ...

Scholar's Aid Lite  v.

-Library module: Lite version does not offer: importing/exporting itemized or tagged bibliographical data, -Spell Checker, and Style Editor.
-Lite version does not do auto-updating through the Internet.
-Lite version does not have the ...

Impro-Visor  v.5.16

Lead sheets and solos can be constructed through either point-and-click or using a plain text editor (one is provided, but any editor can be used).2. Optional automatic note coloration shows whether notes are consonant or dissonant with chords and scales.

Contentteller  v.2.1.15

Powerful template and style system
Easily change the layout to fit your website. You can even add PHP snippets to your templates for maximum customization. Change the appearance of your site without any HTML/CSS knowledge with the instant style editor.

Advanced CSS Menu Suite for Expression Web  v.2.0.2

Integrated Style Editor helps you to tune any existing designs or create your own menu styles from scratch with no tears. Includes a library of pre-built, professionally designed menu templates which can be easily customized through its intuitive GUI ...

CSS menu suite - Expression web add-ins  v.2.0

All the programs in the suite has intuitive GUI, live preview, eye-catching menu themes, easy-to use style editor and does not required hand coding and CSS/Javascripts knowledges. Collection of professionally-designed menu templates included.

CSS Menu Dreamweaver extensions  v.2.0

Each Dreamweaver extension in this pack has intuitive GUI, live preview function, eye-catching menu themes and a easy-to use style editor allowing to make fully custom menu design. Designed in accordance with best coding practices these extensions generate ...

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