Just The Basics


Just the apps  v.1.15

Just the apps have a range of apps from picture to text2voice and started on the 16 May 2010. Hope you enjoy!

Just The Tip  v.

App that makes tip (gratuity) caluclations easy.


StuffIt  v.

StuffIt is the right tool for people who need just the basics features: compression, encryption, and expansion. StuffIt lets you create both ZIP and SITX archives. StuffIt also opens compressed and encoded attachments and file downloads in over 25 different ...

Just Buttons

Need to create a button or banner for your web site but don't want to learn how to use those complicated paint programs? With Just Buttons you can create web buttons and banners instantly, just the way you want! Including Javascript mouseover and mousedown ...

Revenge of the Titans  v.1.80.10

But that was just the first strike - now the invasion has landed! Defeat the returning Titan horde in a series of epic ground battles, save the Earth, again, and command the counterstrike against their homeworld!
Construct and command your ground ...

Float On the Way Flip Theme Package  v.1.0

The most time of our life is on the way, for learning, for working, for journey, but how many people would enjoy the view or just the feelings on the way? The Float On The Way theme package shows different views while taking journey outside, like driving ...

The One Day Webmaster eBook Demo

This eBook teaches the non or semi-professional the basics of creating, editing, uploading and managing a website. It includes Search Engine Optimization and Visitor Tracking chapters along with tutorials on FrontPage 2003 and Paint Shop Pro. A must for ...

Basics of Computer Game Design eBook

Learn some of the vital basics on computer game design in this compact eBook. Find out some of the bare essentials you need to know about designing games for the PC platform.

Some of the basics described can also be applied to other platforms ...

Create Software with The Program Creator!

What If You Could Own A World-Class Software Program That Would Bombard You With An Infinite Number Of High Demand Software Programs That You Can Sell Royalty-Free At Any Price, With Just The Click Of A Button...NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Would ...

The Art Of Tattoo

The Art Of Tattoo is your short, concise and portable eBook that illustrates the basics of getting inked. From tattoo skins, to the tattoo gun, to stenciling, to needle work, to outlining and shading, The Art Of Tattoo provides you with what you need ...

The Sound Check Trainer

Explains the basics of setting up and sound checking a live band; start to finish.

The Sound Check Trainer for Mac or PC

Explains the basics of setting up and sound checking a live band; start to finish. Runs on Quicktime for Mac or PC ...

Halo Flash Game - Capture The Flag

Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell! Controls the basics: click on spell buttons to select them drag gems to move, throw or combine them ...

G.H.O.S.T. Hunters, The Haunting of  v.

If you are a fan of the ghost hunters who dream about becoming one of them, this is just the game you need. In this game you become an investigator for the G.H.O.S.T. Hunters Company, who have to do some investigation and come up with a list of suspects.

Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and  v.

It's just the story on which the game is based. The main character Laura - who you'll be representing - is a recent graduate and assistant to the world renowned archeologist Dr. William Adams. In the introduction to the game, Dr. Adams calls her with ...

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