Jumble Word Solver


Jumble Word  v.

Give a workout to your brain! Find the correct word, out of jumbled alphabets, very simple and easy user interface. Touch the letters and drag them around. More than 2000 word are in this release. Four different levels of difficulty. You can play this ...

Scrabble Letter Unscrambler Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to unscramble a set of Scrabble letters to form usable words. For example, the letters 'T A T U P R E C' will produce 'CAPTURE' and 'CURTATE' if the 7-letter option is selected. The user simply enters ...


Word Jumble  v.

Word Jumble is a killer word game ready to tantalize the senses.

Word Galaxies  v.1.0

Thousands of word puzzles are scattered across the universe, and it's your job to unscramble the constellations, find the planets, and squeeze your brain for every word you can think of.
Using the letters given, make as many words as you can in this ...

Word Galaxies Expert Edition  v.1.4

Word Galaxies Expert Edition has the same classic gameplay as the original Word Galaxies, only now with a more difficult dictionary! Three-letter words are no longer permitted, and words can now be eight letters in length! Are you up to the challenge?Using ...

Word Galaxies Expert dition  v.1.1

Same classic gameplay as the original Word Galaxies, only now http://mac.sofotex.com/cgi-bin/browser.cgiLinks SQLwith a more difficult dictionary! Three-letter words are no longer permitted, and words can now be eight letters in length! Are you up to ...

Crossword Solver  v.

Crossword Solver is a handy tool that allows you to solve many types of crosswords and puzzles created with the Crossword Compiler online applet, as well as XML puzzle files, '.puz' files. You can donwload puzzles from webpages and open sample puzzles ...

Jumble Key  v.3.7

Jumble Key is a software which will quickly and easily solve any word jumble puzzle. It is simple to use - you just type in the jumbled letters, click on a button and it will give you a list of ALL words that can be made by rearranging those those letters.

Word Retriever  v.

Word Retriever challenges you with, and can solve, word jumble and crossword puzzles. It lets you choose from five skill levels, so anyone from beginner to advanced can use it. Word Retriever can also lookup the definition of any word as well.

It ...

Jumble Rumble  v.

Jumble Rumble is a word find game with support for 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 tile boards. Designed to play without network access, the game has local leaderboards and queues up high scores to be recorded when there is network access. Enjoy the game in airplane ...

WISCO Word Power

Create crossword puzzles and 14 more educational word games from your vocabulary words and definitions. Automatic generation of vocabulary bingo cards, word searches, crossword puzzles, magic number squares, flash cards, matching and multiple choice quizzes, ...

LastBit Word Password Recovery

Unlock password-protected documents saved by all versions of Microsoft Word, including the newest Word 2007. LastBit Word Password Recovery momentarily recovers Word 2003 and earlier documents, and supports advanced attacks to recover Word 2007 documents.

Random Word Generator  v.22.0

Random Word Generator is a time-saving creativity aid that creates lists of random, artificial words. Its sophisticated system of word construction generates a high percentage of useful words. Words can be subject to certain restrictions, such as ending ...


Word is a .Net Word presentations component which enables you to read and write Word without utilizing Microsoft Word. The latest release added more properties to the FormField class; Significantly improved functionality of find and replace (Range.Replace);etc.

Recovery for Word  v.5.0.19634

Recovery for Word is designed for effective data recovery from corrupted Microsoft Word documents. Using Recovery for Word allows to avoid the loss of important information. Nowadays Microsoft Word textual processor is the most widespread tool for creation ...

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