Joystick With Axon


Space Paranoids  v.3 3

he original design was one player game with a Joystick with trigger (arrows and space bar), two buttons for turret rotation, a third button to align the turret with the tank body (point it forward as it is easy to get disoriented), and a start button ...

Express Talk VoIP Softphone  v.4.26

Integrates with Axon VoIP PBX, IMS On-Hold Player, VRS Recording System and more.

About NCH Software

NCH Software is a leader in audio, video, music, mp3, cd, dvd, telephony, dictation, transcription, business, and computer ...


1st Go Warkanoid II  v.2 75

The game can be played with your mouse, keyboard or with joystick. With a simple interface and easy game play this game is suitable to all age groups. Moreover, the attractive graphics of wildlife-themed levels will bring you hours of enjoyment. To download ...

Axon LITE  v.2 6

Axon unites all Axon Users using a collaborative system for chatting, voting, brainstorming, etc.
Communicate and collaborate with all registered Axon users. No sign-up is required.
A list of publicly accessible chat rooms are available, covering ...

Dolby Axon  v.

Dolby Axon is a visual chat room to help you
organize your teammates for battle.
This voice chat application enables you to communicate clearly and efficiently with your teammates and friends.
Dolby Axon it's offers high-quality sound and ...

Excel Replace Formula With Value Software

Delete / remove formulas in Excel cells and replace them with the actual value of the cell. This can be applied to a block of selected cells all at once.

UCertify 1Z0-147 Oracle9i: Program with

Pass OCP DBA9i PL/SQL exam 1Z0-147 in first attempt. 280 questions with detailed explanation and 100 study notes. 1Z0-147 - Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Oracle ...

Organize Photos with Photo Organizer

Organize Photos with Photo Organizer - use only best software to organize photos with photo organizer. This photo organizer is designed by best programmers to organize photos automatically. Organize photos with photo organizer program, easily organize ...

Drop Down Menus with CSS3  v.1.0

CSS3 is slowly but surely creeping into mainstream web design, more and more designers are using it. This time around we focus on some multilevel dropdown menus and navigation techniques that make use of the wonderful new properties that CSS3 offers. Drop Down Menus with CSS3 is a web menu ...

Calculator with tape and sales tax  v.2.0

Desktop calculator with tape, sales tax and price functions. Add notes and save the tapes. Multiple locations and tax rates. Reverse tax calculations. Profit margin, markup and impact of price or volume on profit function. Keep on top and item count.

Sort Photos with Photo Sorter  v.5.72

Sort Photos with Photo Sorter (Download Photo Sorter at Photo sorter - is a Windows program to sort photos, sort pictures and sort images.

Photo sorting software can sort photos by date taken, sort pictures by date taken, ...

TMPGEnc DVD Author with DivX Authoring  v.

This is a video authoring tool for both DVD and Divx files. TMPGEnc has always specialized in delivering high-quality products, and so did with this one. This application allows you to be highly creative regarding the type of video that you create. You ...

Calculator With Paper Roll  v.2 2

Calculator with Paper Roll want to help you in complex and long Math Calc with 'Paper Roll' feature that store in memory, all of the operations you do.
Multi Store feature allows you to Store (STO Button) multiply value with a value Name the can ...

NatureTreks Healing With Color  v.

Immerse yourself and escape in a world of relaxation and healing!

Nature Treks - Healing with Color is a non competitive, interactive experience aimed as an aid for relaxation and healing through the use of audio and visuals.
Is easy to ...

Axon Idea Processor 2010-2.10  v.1.0

Axon operates according to cognitive principles, supports both hierarchical and network architectures, and is object-based. Axon exploits visual attributes such as color, shape, size, and depth. Main features are:

Large, multi-level Workspace ...

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