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Hugo Script Java Project Manager  v.0.0.5

Hugo Script is a framework to create, build and manage Java projects. It's Jackartas' ant based, and use properties files to get information about the project. Can be used with NetBeans.

Java 2 CSharp Translator for Eclipse  v.1.0

That tool makes it possible to automatic translate Eclipse java projects into Visual Studio projects. Generated code can be directly compiled and executed whitout any user modification.



Viscount displays code statistics about your Java projects in Eclipse, such as the total number of Java files, etc.

Viscount is simple to download and easy to install.

JavaPM  v.1.0

JavaPM is a free cross-platform utility that assists software developers in the localization of Java projects.

JavaPM converts Java .properties files to XLIFF 1.2 format, allowing their localization using most modern translation environments.

DKIM for JavaMail  v.1.3

DKIM for JavaMail is a small JAR that can be easily implemented in existing Java projects using JavaMail for sending DKIM signed emails.

Elvyx  v.1.0.24.beta

Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile the jdbc activity on java projects. This jdbc profiler has a server with a built-in db and a client to improve the experience.

JChassis  v.0.1

JChassis is a lightweight component framework for writing Java applications that goes beyond the basic JavaBeans model to provide dependency handling, a simpler context model, and an application model to aid the development of Java projects.

MakeGenie  v.1.0

MakeGenie automatically creates Makefiles for Java projects. The Makefiles it generates include all class dependencies as well as some generic rules such as all, build, and clean.

Sanity4J  v.1.0

Sanity4J simplifies running multiple code analysis tools on Java projects on an ad-hoc basis. It provides a single entry point to run the tools and produces a consolidated report, which presents all findings in an easily accessible format. Java PDF Library  v.2.0

com Java PDF Library to Create, Merge, Split, Encrypt, Convert PDF documents on Java projects ...

Freud  v.1.0.2

Although written in Java and initially targeted towards analysing Java sources, Freud is also not restricted to any specific source or content type. The support provided within Freud is for: 1. Java sources 2. Java class objects. (i.e analysing the ...

San Jose Sharks Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

computer software testing tools java at bauphysik und software wärmebrückenanalyse ...

San Diego Chargers Widget  v.1.0

computer software testing tools java at bauphysik und software wärmebrückenanalyse ...

Java Chart Designer

Create professionally looking presentations and reports with Java Chart Designer. Feature rich and powerful application gives you full power to create outstanding report and presentation projects. A user-friendly interface, great number of visual effects ...

Essential Metrics (Java)  v.1.0

Essential Metrics is a command line metrics tool Java software projects.

Invoked directly at the command line, Essential Metrics delivers numerous popular metrics and allows these to be reported using CSV, HTML and XML.

Essential ...

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