Java Point Figure


Java Point  v.1.0

Java Point is designed to work like Microsoft (c) PowerPoint or OppenOffice Impress, but the software itself as well as the presentation is distributed as a single jar.Features:
1. Portable
2. Create and display presentationsRequirements:
* ...

Point&Figure-Trader  v.

Den POINT&FIGURE-Trader, der exklusive Vermögensaufbau durch Chart-Technik, gibt es jetzt auch als App für Ihr Windows-Smartphone.

Die Funktionen:
• Depotübersicht mit klaren Handlungsempfehlungen
• Alle aktuellen Meldungen sofort ...


Mercator, Java Point of Sale  v.0.2.10

Mercator is a Point of Sale (POS) application written in Java. It is a OO, multi-purpose transaction engine that supports general retail and quick-order restaurant environments using standard POS peripherals (JavaPOS) and/or menu interface.

Bull's-Eye Broker  v.4.0.0108

Bull's-Eye Broker is an advanced software package which constructs and maintains stock market Point & Figure Charts. Bull's-Eye Broker is the only software package for the serious point and figure chartist and is also the ideal companion for other technical ...

Bulls-Eye Broker  v.4.00

Bulls-Eye Broker maintain stock market points and figure charts. Its a utility application for traders and investors all over the world.
Bulls-Eye Broker is the only program package for the serious point and figure chartist and is also the ideal ...

Magic Charts  v.2.7b2

Magic Charts is a tool to easily follow the stock market using Point and Figure charts. We send an updated copy of the sample portfolio everyday along with the updated charts. We have charts of US stocks, US mutual funds, ETFs iShares, Londen, Australian ...

Financial Charting Component

In addition to its striking visual effects, it has a variety of features including charts with pan and zooming charting features: Point and Figure (exposed as API), Candlestick, Kagi, Renko, TLB; Data binding to CSV, XML, Array, Dataset. users can easily ...

ShareScope Gold  v.1.0

ShareScope Gold is award-winning portfolio management and research tools for UK market investors. ShareScope provides the tools for you to find the very best investment and trading opportunities.
ShareScope Gold provides you with the following features:

Net AccessX  v.2.2.2009

Integrates market data for stocks, options, indexes, futures, foreign currencies and Mutual Funds into our market analysis software.What's new in this version:updated to handle newer index and commodity symbols and other changes requried by data provider.

FreeMercator, Java POS Point of Sale  v.0.8.0

Free and open Java POS Point of Sale terminal and back-office. Project goals include scalabiliy, robustness, and ease of use.

Point-of-Sales (Java)  v.1001

Point-of-Sales (java) is a POS or cash register program integrates with sql-ledger accouting.

Slick2D Polygon Point Test  v.1.0

Slick2D Polygon Point Test is a FPS count for testing polygons.

Slick2D is a simple set of tools wrapped around the LWJGL OpenGL binding for Java.

-Provide a simple 2D API
-Make transition from Java2D to OpenGL ...

Gauss Law - Point Charge  v.1.0

Gauss Law - Point Charge is a Java app designed to allow you to study the Gauss Law. This EJS (Easy Java Simulation) based simulation allows the user to investigate the effects of changing the radius of a Gaussian surface and of changing the charge of ...

Smart Java Error Fixer Pro  v.4.3.7

Smart Java Error Fixer Pro offers a hassle-free system tuning up. It finds errors related to your Java problems, custom controls, shortcuts, fonts, shared programs, and configuration files. We were pleased to find you can sort its search results--a useful ...

INDI for Java 1.31 Beta  v.1.0

INDI for Java was specially created as an Open Source Java library that manages to implement the INDI distributed control protocol. INDI for Java has been designed to easily implement new INDI clients (graphical and non graphical ones), INDI drivers and ...

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