Java Grid Table Rows


Java Text Table Formatter  v.1.0

Java Text Table Formatter is a Java library that renders tables made of characters. The user add cells and can add format characteristics like predefined/custom table styles, text alignment, abbreviation, column width, border types, colspan, etc.

Java Grid Computing  v.0.05

JCGrid is an easy-to-use tools for real-world grid-computing. It requires only to install Java Runtime and you can easy split your cpu-intensive task among several Workstations/PC/Mac/etc. It includes support for POVRay and MandelGrid as usage examples.


A Java Grid Control - QuickTable  v.2.0.5

QuickTable can be used as Database Grid EJBs/DataObjects Grid Delimited/Fixed length data file Grid Array/Vector/Collection Grid QuickTable is built on top of JTable, so you don't have to learn any new API. QuickTable is bundled with lots of features ...

MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Ex

DB conversion software convert entire or selected table rows column records with keys constraints (primary key, foreign key), null, default value, trigger, index etc into new MySQL or update previously saved record. Software maintains database integrity ...

Optimal Search  v.1.2

Searched results will be displayed in file table in which users can sort table rows by file name, status and last modified date.Users can add new search panels into main window so that they can do multiple search at the same time. Optimal Search also ...

Citra Table  v.4.0.33

A Java GUI library that enhances the functionality and appearance of JTable and also provides a dynamic TreeTable component. Some of the features include data sorting, excel-like column filtering, dynamically add/remove columns, automatically adjust column ...

MFC Grid  v.2.3.2

MFC Grid enables you to create complex, well-designed applications with just a few lines of code. This RAD (Rapid application development) and threadsafe component supports MVC pattern and works with arbitrary C++ objects that are directly inserted into ...

JDataGrid Database Edition  v.1 6

JDataTable provides a Java data grid component for database, support ResultSet and RowSet, column sorting, print and print preview and export file for multiple format and more.

JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition  v.1. 6. 2001

JDataGrid provides a data grid, support some features such as row header, cell attributes, cell merge and split, undo and redo, find and replace, spell check, file input and export, print and print preview.

QueryForm  v.1.4

QueryForm is a Java/Swing-based GUI app which provides a strong form-based front end for relational databases. It supports multiple concurrent connections to different databases. Query results can be exported to CSV files or INSERT statements.QueryForm ...

MySQL to SQL Server Conversion Software

Large volume database converter converts all MySQL database records into MSSQL server table records and overwrites converted database tables on existing one or save them on a user specified location. User does not require any technical knowledge about ...

Plot Digitizer  v.2. 4. 2001

However, this information will not be useful until data is converted to standard x-y values (table format). Once converted, the user can make use of the information for function approximation, constants calculation, model fitting, statistical and mathematical ...

ComponentSet  v.1 4

ComponentSet includes JWizardPane, Layout Suite, JDirChooser, JCalendar, JFontChooser, JLinkButton, JSidePane, JSideBar, JStatusBar, JImageViewer, XTree, XCheckBox, XSeparator, AComboBox, JCardPane, JGridPane.

WpfDiagram  v.2.8.2

NET controls as diagram nodes
* 87 predefined node shapes
* Tables with unlimited number of rows and columns
* Merge of table cells
* ContainerNodes
* TreeView nodes
* BPMN Shapes
* Custom diagram item types
* Arrows can ...

NetDiagram ASP.NET Control  v.4.2

FEATURES: The NetDiagram Component: TE Redistribution is royalty free TE Assembly is strong-named TE Is digitally signed TE Can be purchased with source code TE Is written in C# TE Supports SharePoint User Interaction: TE Several user interaction modes TE Node modification constraints TE Scrolling and zooming TE Panning TE Automatic scrolling while dragging objects with the mouse TE Alignment to grid TE Multiple selection ...

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