Jasmine Tame


Jasmine and Jack  v.1.0

Help Jasmine & Jack explore the park and watch their exciting adventures! Each play will show new differences and branch into several different stories! They always find adventures and get in trouble. Can you find all different points on these pictures? ...

Jasmine Racing Game  v.0.5

Jasmine - Just another SIMulation ENgine. A java based single/multiplayer racing game.


Tame The Bull  v.

The objective of the game is to tame the rampaging bull by deploying obstacles.

Tame  v.

This app is a DOS app, but it is only for use in a 32 bit environment. It loads in the DOS process and communicates with Windows 95/98/NT to prevent the DOSapplication from hogging the CPU.

Style Enhancer  v.

Jasmine Music Technology presents Style Enhancer 4.0
Style Enhancer 4.0 is the sequencer based on Performance Modeling technology with powerful and intelligent MIDI-data generation and transformation. SE4.0 has an advanced system of online MIDI FX, ...

Cytter  v.4.2

The sea is angry, and you must tame it.
Main goal of the game is to stay alive and
defeat the enemies.
Come out a winner in the end!

Eliminating Pet Odors  v.

It can be frustrating to tame the smells of these stinkier family members.

Whether it's a smelly litter box or just the vague lingering scent of dog fur on the couch, it's annoying for us and embarrassing when we have visitors.

Pet ...

Disaster Tamer  v.

In todays unstable environment disaster can strike at a moments notice, but with Disaster Tamer, getting your life back in order by getting information about your valuables to your insurance agent quickly can help to tame the disaster at hand! Disaster ...

Charged  v.

TAM-PAW Development Team:
Game Designers
Jozette Tuquib
Wrydrick Gutierrez

Game Artists
Adel Lugtu
Jasmine Paredes

Sound Designers
Jeric Sarmiento
Angelo Cruz

Game Programmer
Wrydrick Guiterrez

Charged!, ...

Ball Separation  v.1.3.2

Tame the wild bouncing balls and separate them with moving walls! In this game, your goal is to make use of the gap on a movable separator so that the balls can be divided into 2 groups by the colors of the balls as well as the colors of the play area.

The Golden Years Way Out West  v.1.0

Tame the Wild West in The Golden Years, a charming city building sim from the creators of Hotel Mogul! As you use your business savvy to squeeze every ounce of profit from your investments, youOCOll help an iron-willed woman and her young son overcome ...

Jasmine2  v.2.0.2

JASmine is a print accounting system for CUPS. Jasmine2 is a PHP software which allows to consult the printings of the users, grouped by group ldap or printers.

Wiggilez Blast

They make them all look tame! Level Bosses are exceptionally aggressive that will test your aim skill to the max!

Free Mills Screensaver

All you need is to download this free screensaver and feel the tame energy of Water and Wind!

GiggleType  v.1.0.1

Decussomatic - talk nice! Tame any curse-ridden message.
Gibberish - various different filters can change your message into random and amusing blather.

*** Warning! This program may generate offensive content.

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