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AnyChart Flash Map Converter  v.1.0.4

SHP) geolocation data into AnyMap format to be used with AnyChart. AnyChart Flash Map Converter allows making use of a wide choice of maps with AnyChart Flash Component, a GIS visualization system that recognizes map data in AnyMap format only. AnyChart ...

Map Madness  v.

Enjoy custom Driving Routes, Map Searches, and Waypoints all on one map. Simultaneously view multiple routes, map searches, and saved waypoints. Smoothly page between your search results and toggle the visibility of your loaded map data. No more fumbling ...


GenGIS  v.1 8

GenGIS is a bioinformatics application that allows users to combine digital map data with information about biological sequences collected from the environment. GenGIS provides a 3D graphical interface in which the user can navigate and explore the data, ...

RadioLink  v.6.041

Radio Planning Software by Orbit Design using USGS DEM, SDTS DEM, SRTM3, SRTM30, GTOPO30 and Ordnance Survey Landform Profile, Panorama and Panorama Plus map data. Up to 25 radio links can be analised in one project. Calculations include link budgets, ...

Quantum GIS form Mac  v.1.8.0

QGIS supports vector, raster, and database formats and lets you browse and create map data on your computer. Quantum GIS (QGIS) supports many common spatial data formats (e.g. ESRI ShapeFile, geotiff). QGIS supports plugins to do things like display ...

Pageraptor  v.1.0.13

Pageraptor USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Sweden, France, Portugal and Italy, captures data on web pages (yellow, super, etc.) and saves it to Excel. Free for non-commercial use (subscription-based).

USAPhotoMaps  v.

USAPhotoMaps downloads aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free TerraServer Web site, saves it on your hard drive, and creates seamless maps from it. You can:

Scroll and zoom
See latitude/longitude
Add waypoints, routes, ...

KWare DigiMap  v.1.21.0328

DigiMap is a graphical program for simple digitization of map data to create ASCI files of ordered x,y,z triplets. It is a quick and easy alternative to expensive digitizing tablets and software. Maps (such as geological, topographic, structural, or isopach) ...

SharePoint Excel Import  v.2.6.507.2

SharePoint Excel Import
Want to import Excel to SharePoint? SharePoint Excel Import tool can import an Excel spreadsheet to any existing SharePoint list!
Need to import data from a spreadsheet into SharePoint list quickly? Business users can ...

TatukGIS Viewer  v.

TatukGIS Viewer opens most GIS/CAD vector, raster image, and grid file types, including the aerial imagery and vector street map data provided by the leading vendors, most ArcView, ArcExplorer, and MapInfo projects, and projects exported from ArcGIS/ArcMap ...

SMAPedit  v.0.9 Beta

Simple MAP editor. sMAPedit is a easy-to-use MAP editor. It is an easy-to-use MAP editor.
sMAPedit Features:
1. converts map data from client to server
2. can edit various server map files
3. included a html viewer for exploreing the world ...

XMaps  v.

With xMaps you have the possibility to use the worldwide map data from on your phone. xMaps comes without any map data, you can download any maps in different zoom levels for free. You can zoom in / out and rotate and tilt the map.
Use ...

MapCache Offline Maps  v.

No signal? No data plan? No problem.

Features include:

- Caching of map data for offline use.
- **Fast**, clean responsive interface.
- Address and local business search.
- Location bookmarking.
- GPS location tracking.

XMaps3D  v.

xMaps3D is a 3D map application. It shows you the map including the elevation of the terrain. You can zoom in / out and rotate and tilt the map in 3D. xMaps3D use the worldwide map data from on your phone.
Use xMaps3D to search ...

MyGlendale  v.

Map Data Copyright:© 2009 ESRI, i-cubed, GeoEye.

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