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Flip Builder  v.2.0

The wonderful Flip Builder software will help to design cover, edit page content, embed images, insert hyperlinks, draw paintings, etc. You can also design presentation template for your edited books, choose background sound, background image, embedded ...

Corel PDF Fusion  v.1.0

Main Benefits :
- Save money by viewing over 100 file types without purchasing additional software
- Easily create and edit PDFs
- Drag and drop to combine multiple file types in one PDF package
- Save time by easily re-purposing content, instead of retyping, and cutting and pasting
- Share files with anyone by converting to PDF, XPS or Microsoft® Word formats

Main Features :
- Open over 100 file types-even if you don't have the software used to create the file!
- Open Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Project, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® ® Photoshop®, Microsoft® Visio® and many other file types
- Choose from Page, Assembly or Flick views to work with your document
- Just select a phrase or sentence and start typing to make changes
- Edit or add text anywhere in a document
- Easily add bookmarks and comments
- Mark up documents using highlighting and sticky notes
- Redact sensitive information and save securely
- Add watermarks
- Insert hyperlinks to other ...


WordGraph  v.8.4.4

(Exclusive only to SSuite?Office)Insert and/or paste of graphics and/or objects
Insert fully Customized Tables (Font, Colour, Table Size)
Spell Checker (English)
Extra Font (50+ Font Styles)
Insert Hyperlinks to any File or Website
Automatic ...

Word Textflow .NET  v.1.3

NET allows to insert hyperlinks, comments, footnotes in the Word document, create and edit sections, paragraphs, columns, lists, tables in such Word documents as DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT. Word Textflow .NET Features: - Reading Word Documents DOC, DOCX, RTF, ...

EXOrgChart  v.

- Ability to copy the control's content to the clipboard - Support for assistant nodes - Ability to zoom the chart - Print and Print Preview Support - WYSWYG Template/Layout Editor support - Multiple lines HTML ToolTip support - Background picture support - Mouse wheel support - Ability to explore only a branch of the organigram - Ability to display single or multiple layers of the organigram - Ability to scroll the organigram using the mouse or keyboard - Any node supports built-in HTML format - Ability to insert hyperlinks anywhere ...

PDF Studio Pro  v.2.1.1

In deep edit mode, the cell is rich, which can have different font, color, text alignment and also can insert hyperlinks.

Text Box
Insert text boxes. And change the text font, color and alignment. In deep edit mode, the cell is rich, ...

Voice Insert ActiveX SDK

Voice Insert API to Insert Speech To Text in any Windows Application. Recognizes Full 60000 Word
English/Chinese Dictation. Features Limited Dictation, Voice Commands and Passwords Enables Point'n Speak
with Read Aloud Target Support. XML Scripting ...

Insert Text for Excel

Insert Text is a Microsoft Excel add-on tool that allows users to quickly and easily insert text before or after existing text in a worksheet. Insert Text even includes the ability to undo changes. Download the trial and give it a try. The trial version ...

Excel Remove Hyperlinks Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to delete all underlined, blue hyperlinks in one or more MS Excel files. The text will remain, but the hyperlink will be unlinked. This software can save you hours by batch processing entire folders of ...

OpenOffice Writer Insert Multiple Pictures Software

Insert one or many image files into a blank Writer file. Writer 2.0 or higher required.

Insert Page Numbers in PDF Document  v.3.5

If you are dealing with the PDF files and need to insert page numbers in PDF document, PDF bates numberer software is designed according to your conditions. If you used to manual method to put number in PDF files then get rid of this old and irritating ...

Apex Insert Watermark in PDF file  v.

Insert watermark in PDF file has main aim to implement watermark on PDF file by using text, image , logo, date, time, copyright, stamp, page number and web URL. Tool allows setting watermark in page several ways like top, bottom, right, left and middle.

Insert Image in PDF  v.

Insert Image in PDF software can create photo by conversion of adobe document. PDF to image converter software can use to get the multipage tiff picture from the several page contained adobe files. PDF software is user friendly and easy to use tool. PDF ...

Insert GUID  v.1.1

Insert GUID service uses the Mac's shell program "uuidgen" to generate a GUID/UUID and inserts it at the cursor. Using this service saves you from having to run terminal, execute uuidgen and then copy the output. A GUID or UUID (Globally Unique Identifier/Universally ...

Remove Hyperlinks In Excel  v.

One Click Remove All Hyperlinks In Excel

If you are about to remove hundreds of hyperlinks in the different sheet in the workbook, it will be tedious to do it one by one. There is a easier way to remove the hyperlink for all the cells in the ...

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