Infima Jpeg Compression Sdk


JPEG Compression Wizard  v.1.0

JPEG Compression Wizard is a powerful but easy to use Windows software which is specially developed for users to compress, resize and optimize digital images. The software has an easy-to-understand and result image real time display user interface, with ...

Jpeg-diet  v.0.26

The JPEG compression format is very widely used for digital pictures. It offers good image quality and small filesize and is the recommended format for photographies.
jpeg-Diet creates multiple copies of your pictures with different quality settings, ...


123 Jpeg Converter  v.

123 Jpeg Converter allows you to convert BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF, TGA and other image formats to JPEG image format. The program also can adjust JPEG compression quality before saving, change background color for transparent images like PNG and PSD. Moreover ...


JPEGCompress is an easy to use application designed to help you compress any existing JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG Image with JPEG Compression.
JPEGCompress also supports QuickTime Image formats, allowing you to open and export images into more formats.

Lite Photos

Quickly reduces your jpeg photos for sending by email or via the Internet.Usually you make photos with fine or excellent quality for future photopaper printing. The file size of each photo is 700-2500 KBytes (JPEG compression). And if you want to send ...

Html2image Linux  v.2.0.2014.1228

You can also control the compression quality of the jpeg image by specifying the quality parameters on command line.

Support 64bit linux now
Convert html to bmp, png, jpg and jpeg on Linux
Support command line parameters ...


UnJPEG is a perfect solution for design studios/publishing houses, designed to professionally recover images damaged by the JPEG compression. This effective product performs JPEG artifact and blotchy-look removal, median noise reduction, smooth image ...

WinSoftMagic Photo Editor

WSM Photo Editor contains our most advanced JPEG compression engine and technology designed to preserve the original picture quality of your digital photos. You can use WSM Photo Editor for various photo editing tasks: resize and crop photos, adjust ...

Photo Editing & Saving Wizard  v.1.0

Photo Editing & Saving Wizard is an image tool & Photoshop plug-in that helps the users to edit, share and compress images with the highest quality possible using the advanced JPEG compression engine. Users can correct and prepare photos for sharing, ...

Topaz DeJPEG  v.4.0.2

Topaz DeJPEG is a Photoshop compatible plug-in that can remove blocks and fringes caused by JPEG compression. The default settings were not very impactful, but some adjustments of the sliders produced good results and noticeable decrease in artifacts.

Free Webcam to AVI for Window  v.1.0

Free Webcam to AVI for window, capture video to AVI , support adjust the video format, audio format and whether use JPEG compression.

Libjpeg-turbo  v.1.2.0

libjpeg-turbo is a derivative of libjpeg that uses MMX, SSE, SSE2, and NEON SIMD instructions to accelerate baseline JPEG compression/decompression by about 2-4x on x86, x86-64, and ARM platforms. It is based on libjpeg/SIMD but has numerous enhancements.

Vimas Imaging SDK  v.5.0

Vimas Imaging SDK can be effectively used in Win32 and .Net applications, multimedia databases, as a powerful image optimization engine for image compression, color palette tunes ups, thumbnail generation, image format conversions, export, batch processing ...

Image Server SDK  v.4. 1. 2008

Image Server SDK allows to customize and use in your Web-based server applications the functionality of our product Web Image Guru. You can easily process images directly within your ASP, ColdFusion or other server applications. Image Server SDK can be ...

GdPicture Pro Imaging SDK - Site License  v.3. 8. 2001

GdPicture Pro Imaging SDK - Site License is an image activex control to view, create, acquire, edit, print, and compose image bitmap. It can read and write images in a large variety of formats like tiff, tif, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, ico, wmf, gif, exif, ...

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