Ieee Xplore


Icetips Xplore  v.4.0

Icetips Xplore lets you take control over how your Clarion browses work.
Icetips Xplore comes as classes and template. The Xplore browse template is applied to ABC browses and adds a wide range of functionality. This includes header click sorting, ...

CliniClue Xplore  v.1.0

CliniClue Xplore is the latest version of the popular freeware browser for SNOMED Clinical Terms®. First released at the end of 2009 it is now well-established as significant enhancement for those interested in exploring SNOMED CT.
CliniClue Xplore ...


IEEE  v.

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, is the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.
IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE Job Site Search  v.1.0

The IEEE Job Site is regularly updated with exclusive job postings from companies in a broad range of industries a€” Northrop Grumman, BP Solar, Freescale Semiconductor, Microsoft, and Google, just to name a few. IEEE Job Site. IEEE's searchable ...

An Open Implementation of IEEE 1451  v.1.0

The Open1451 Project provides a repository for implementations, examples, and applications of the IEEE 1451 Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators.

IEEE-CN iPhone Application  v.2

The IEEE-CS Computing Now Application is designed to keep you up to date on IEEE-CS Computing Now news, blog posts, and podcasts. This project is meant to be developed by the public. All feature requests will be reviewed prior to being released.

Pamvotis - IEEE 802. WLAN Simulator  v.11

Pamvotis is a Wireless LAN Simulator for all the current physical layer extentions of the IEEE 802.11 (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g) standard and for the IEEE 802.11e Draft for Quality of Service in WLANs.

IEEE Calculator  v.1.0

IEEE Flaoting point Calculator is a conversion tool which converts the 32/64 bit Hex values into a equivalent Floating point value also converts the Decimal/Floating point value to its equivalent Hex representation.

Xplore Uttranchal  v.

Explore mighty Uttranchal with this Application, containing Image gallary from variuos Places Like Nainital, Auli Badrinath etc..

System Analyser

System Analyser version gives information about:
Bios, Network, Dos, CPU/FPU, Cache, Memory, SPD, Video, AGP, Monitor,
Drives, partitions, IDE, ATAPI, SATA, CD-Rom, DVD, Blue-ray Disk, RPC2,
Lpt, Rs232, Mouse, Keyboard, IEEE 1284, Modem, Fax, ...


Most disk types are supported including high density diskettes, CD, DVD, hard drives, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), USB and removable media. Features include automatic file type mapping, HFS and HFS+/HFSX (OS Extended and case sensitive) support, search by type, ...

Volts  v.6 10

All computations are compliant with IEEE 141, 241, 242 and NEC® standards.

By using VOLTS™, you will gain control over the electrical design process and make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.

HaneWIN LLDP Agent  v.1 4

The haneWIN LLDP software implements a LLDP Agent based on the IEEE 802.1AB standard for the Link Layer Discovery Protocol.
The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a protocol for discovering the physical topology in 802 LANs. Adjacent stations ...

RCTools-ZNM  v.1 1

RCTools-ZNM is a tool used with the The RC2300-ZNM ZigBee Network Module, a compact surface mounted module with a complete embedded ZigBee® network protocol stack supporting wireless star and mesh topologies based on IEEE 802.15.4 compliant PHY and MAC ...

Agilent Signal Studio for WLAN N7617B  v.1. 6. 2004

11 WLAN software is designed to create flexible standards-based baseband and RF signals for testing IEEE 802.11 WLAN components and receivers. The software supports the Agilent N5182A MXG, N5162A MXG ATE, E4438C ESG, E8267D PSG, or N5106A PXB for creating ...

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