Html5 Message Box


Automatically Push My Buttons

1 automatically clicks buttons on message boxes. Add any message box you want auto clicked. - by: Auto Push ...


Task dialogs enable developers to create well-designed, consistent dialogs boxes efficiently and it is a versatile alternative to the old message box which has often been used to create dialog boxes that are difficult to understand and use.


4Easysoft iPhone Transfer SMS  v.1.3.22

4Easysoft iPhone Transfer SMS is the specially designed iPhone SMS Transfer for you to copy and backup iPhone SMS to local disk to avoid the missing of your valuable messages or the full message box rejecting to accept new messages. You can directly copy ...

SimpleTimer  v.1.0

SimpleTimer has a pause button, message box at 5 min, 30 sec., and time up. After the timer runs out, it counts up. It displays the time, and you can look at it while it is counting down. A list of mirrors is in the project's Wiki under Hosted Apps. You ...

TrekText  v.0.9

Every time you load a large text file with Notepad it displays a message box saying that the file is too large for Notepad and it starts wordpad. I have a lot of large text files so I decided to make a replacement of notepad with no file size limit. After ...

WikAlarm  v.1 1

This compact, easy-to-use and handy reminder service uses minimal resources and will allow you to easily schedule all your tasks, and will notify you at the specified time(s), via either a message box on the screen, the playing of a WAV or MIDI file, ...

Registry Firewall  v.2.2

It will warn you by a message box popup when it finds an adware or spyware entry. It can scan the registry for adware and spyware and delete them. It can also monitor all registry activities in run-time.

Internet Server Monitor  v.

The software offers alerts via email, message box, sound, Syslog or EvenLog entry, as well as SMS (ClickaTel). Internet Server Monitor can run as Windows Service and supports HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Ping, POP3, TCP and SQL Server monitors, each with individual ...

Useful Countdown Timer  v.1.0

Useful Countdown Timer is a simple countdown timer that pop up a message box with user defined message when time is up.Useful Countdown Timer Features:
1. Countdown timer
2. Pop up user defined message when time is up
3. Automatically calculate ...

MsgBox  v.

Display a modal message box from a batch program. MsgBox is a Windows software that will let you to display a modal message box from a batch program.Using MsgBox
You should start MsgBox from command prompt or from another software or batch.Command ...

Wbox  v.1.03

Message box for batch. Wbox displays a window with a message text and a number of buttons. The selected button (number 1..) is returned as Errorlevel.The box is displayed in the middle of the command window. If the console window is minimized or hidden, ...

Butterkiss QR Scanner  v.

Right now, this app only resolves valid URLs, however all decoded QR codes will show in a message box. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Emotiboard  v.

- New instant search function to find your Emoticons faster
- New settings menu with the ability to change the font size of your message box


Emotiboard – the emoticon keyboard containing over ...

Emotiboard Free  v.

- No limitation on the Emoticons
- New instant search function to find your Emoticons faster
- New settings menu with the ability to change the font size of your message box


Emotiboard ...

COD2 RCON Commander  v.1 1

Main Features :
- Change map
- Kick/Ban/TempBan users by clientid
- Change game type
- Enable/disable/configure all server settings
- Broadcast up to 4 timed server messages
- Send chat messages to the server
- Profiles for each server (saves rconpassword,port,ip,messages)
- Pic of current map
- Progressbar for server messages
- Execute user-defined rcon commands
- Message box for saved settings ...

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