Hotel Welcome Screen Program


Abacre Hotel Management System  v.2.9.6

Achieve full control with this next generation hotel management system. Abacre Hotel Management System is a new generation of hotel/motel management program for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with reservations and check in/check out, and ...

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer  v.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer can customize your welcome screen wallpaper. It is a free open source program that let you change the wallpaper of the Windows 7 logon screen (also known as "welcome screen", "login screen" or LogonUI).Windows 7 Logon ...


Self-help Subliminals  v.

This program enables you to flash subliminal messages and pictures on your computer screen. Program your subconscious while you work and play. Contains 35 categories with over 370 messages and you can create your own. Online registration is available.

Tnsn0w iPhone Suite  v.3 2

New Welcome Screen when you start using the phone for first time. Stocks and weather built into Notifications Center . Quick Camera launch from Lockscreen.

IWall  v.2.8

iWall is a text-to-screen program tool that allows you to create interactive entertainment at your events by letting the crowd chat, flirt, and joke on the big screen using SMS text messages.Who uses iWall?
* DJs use iWall as an interactive entertainment ...

Fix Win XP Logon  v.1.0.0

Fix Win XP Logon can fix Windows XP Logon/Restore welcome screen.Usage: Download XP_FixLogon.ZIP and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate to where you saved it and double click the file. Extract XP_FixLogon.exe from the zip file and double click ...

Orlando Code Camp  v.

The Welcome screen displays our Announcements Feed so you can be informed of schedule changes or other real-time news.

2. Use the Tracks view to browse through our 12-tracks that include "Windows 8", "WP7" and ".NET". Select a Track to see a ...

Maya Calendar  v.

- Change welcome screen look.
- Now you can explore previous and next days of the selected date.

Features Ver 1.2.0:
-We added Spanish and Russian languages.

Features Ver 1.1.0
--You can rate the App accessing a new ...

Learn Numbers  v.

One sees six different numbers on the screen. Program reads one of the numbers, and the child is supposed to tap that number. Then, the program gives feedback to the right and wrong answer.

Developed by Kadir ABA ...

Learn Colors  v.

One sees four different colors on the screen. Program reads one of the colors, and the children is supposed to tap that color. Then the program gives feedback to the right and wrong answer.

Oyunun amacı çocuklara renkleri öğretmektir.

24U DatabaseToWeb X  v.1.0.1

24U DatabaseToWeb will allow users to update information at their web pages from their own databases easily, quickly, regularly and in a price-effective way, will welcome the program. Software developer of File Maker Pro Plug-ins and AppleScript additions ...

Janes Hotel  v.3 2

'Jane's hotel' is a fun and easy-to-play game, in which you'll be representing Jane. Jane comes from a family which always owned hotels - a chain of them to be precise. But the time came when things went wrong and the family had to sell everything. Since ...

ARTIS Screen Tools  v.1.0

About ARTIS Screen ToolsThe ARTIS Screen Tools include: ARTIS Screen Ruler - is a desktop utility displaying translucent rulers on top of all your windows on your screen. The rulers measure in pixels, inches, and centimeters, have no window shadow, may ...

Screen Mimic  v.2.4.1

Screen Mimic 2.0 allows you to create screencasts (recordings of your Mac OS X desktop) that can be saved as Adobe Flash (SWF), Flash Video (FLV), or QuickTime (MOV) files. These files can be easily uploaded to a website, used in a kiosk system, and many ...

Screen Shades  v.1.0

Screen Shades is a utility to help users with sensitive eyes. With Screen Shades you can tint the display with five tints (gray, blue, yellow, pink, and My Tint, a color selected from the Colors window by the user). The Control Panel provides a drop-down ...

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