Home Energy Tax Credits


Home Energy Analysis System

The Home Energy Analysis System enables you to record electricity, gas and water bills. Also enter your own meter readings to produce a detailed database. A range of graphs is produced showing cost, consumption and CO2 emissions by week, month and year.

Home energy ie  v.1.0

This toolbar is for home energy and alternative power sources. With this toolbar, you can check the weather to monitor your solar panels efficiency and home energy levels. This is for internet explorer. You can listen to the radio and search. If you need ...


Home energy safari  v.1.0

Home energy toolbar for safari browser. You can listen to solar panel news radio to get industry updates. This toolbar can check the weather and help you to know if your alternative energy source will perform well.. If you need more solar power or home ...

Home energy firefox  v.1.0

Home energy toolbar for firefox browser. You can check the weather to see if your solar panels will generate enough home energy. You can listen to the radio and search. If you need more solar power or home energy help visit my website.

Home Energy  v.

You're About To Learn All The Money You Could Be Saving By Making Your Home Energy Efficient And Even Save Time Doing It.

It doesn't matter if you've never experienced energy efficient homes up close and personal, this guide will tell you everything ...

Energy Explorer  v.5.0

An application built onto the Open Table Explorer engine for the acquisition and analysis of home energy consumption and solar energy production.Moved to github as Open Table Explorer.
setup program using nmap to find all hosts on local network or ...

REM Rate  v.12 93

REM/Rate™ software is used by organizations which operate home energy rating systems (HERS). HERS rates the energy efficiency of homes for identifying cost-effective improvements and providing energy-efficient mortgages. Climate data is available for ...


TREAT (Targeted Retrofit Energy Analysis Tool) is an innovative software designed to provide support for weatherization programs, building performance contractors and energy auditors. It is a comprehensive energy analysis tool that allows weatherization ...

EnergyGauge USA  v.2.80.3

EnergyGauge USA was developed specifically to allow the easy and accurate calculation of energy use and demand in residential buildings. In the past, most residential energy analysis tools have used simplified methods to calculate residential building ...

EnCalcOU  v.3.0

EnCalcOU copes with up to two tanks of varying shapes, varying tax/VAT rates including separate rates for oil and deliveries. It also calculates the amount of CO2 generated and can record the stae of the central heating system. EnCalcOU is part of the ...

Crystal Power  v.1 1

Crystal Power is an exciting and challenging puzzle game where you fill energy tubes to power your spaceship home. Energy tubes light and pulsate in brilliant colors when the right combinations of power crystals are placed.

Proenergy  v.

Pro Energy Consultants has been a leader in energy efficiency auditing, energy conservation services and home performance since 1995. Today, we are the nation's largest energy conservation auditing company, with franchise locations from coast to coast.

BERS Pro  v.1.0

The BERS (Building Energy Rating Scheme) computer program is a powerful tool that is used to simulate and analyse the thermal performance of Australian houses in climates ranging from Alpine to tropical. BERS is a Home Energy Rating Scheme that can be ...

AllOff  v.5.8

AllOff is part of the group of software and was originally designed as part of a practical home energy saving project to save energy and money by reducing electricity, heating oil and water use. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ...

KeyOff  v.

KeyOff is part of the JSutils group of software utilities which have a theme of energy conservation.

To find more energy and money saving ideas check out Practical Home Energy Saving.

Uses of KeyOff include shutting ...

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