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ITunes Music Store Charts  v.1.1

The iTunes Music Store (iTMS) Charts dashboard widget gives you the latest Top Songs, Top Albums, Featured or Exclusive Content, New Additions and Releases from the iTunes Music Store.The widget allows you to choose music stores: USA, Austria, Belgium, ...

ITunes Music Store Player  v.0.1

iTunes Music Store Player allows you to play multiple tracks off of the iTunes Music Store without having to manually double click and start playing the next one.Usage example:go to the music store (in iTunes 4) and do a search on "jazz".it will spit ...


MediaHuman Music Converter  v.1.1

MediaHuman Music Converter is a software developed for conversion of audio tracks to the most frequently used formats like MP3, OGG, WAV.
You have music on your computer and want to listen to it on your portable music player but player does not ...

ETarab Music  v.1.0

The best Arabic Music Player with the #1 Arabic Music Store Inside!!!Welcome to the easiest way to get, organize, and listen to your Arabic music collection. This free eTarab jukebox will build up your library of songs and PlayLists using the #1 Arabic ...


MEET FOX- for convert DRM music into unprotected formats. i.e. enjoy musics you purchased from iTunes Music Store on more computers or listen on a non-iPod mp3 player. MEET FOX support all the protected music formats, our developers done hard for the ...

Mindawn  v.1.4.060329

It can be used to browse the music store, download and play demo songs and to purchase music.
If you want to encode a file to a different format or create a CD, then you will need to first decompress the FLAC file in to a common format (this does ...

ITunes500MillionCounter  v.1.0

With this very small widget, check in just a second how many songs have been purchased from the iTunes Music Store. ., Apple Store partner : the best place on the internet to buy a Mac, iPod, software and accessories online ...

123 Guitar Tuner  v.1.0

Want to tune your guitar, but don't want to spend $20 down at the music store? Are you about to play a gig, and just forget your guitar tuner back home? Don't worry man...we got your back. 123Guitar is your #1 place to go whenever your instrument ...


0 online game freak hideout store powered by the home of a huge selection of music items at great, low prices! Look for the plays for sure logo on your next media player and know it will work with tellas music store music downloads. for more information ...

Tunes Menu  v.1 4

The program takes a direct copy of album and artist details from iTunes (from either the playlist or the iTunes Music Store (iTMS)), or from a manual search facility, and finds online suppliers for the CDs. The name of the CD, the store(s) from which ...

WP Shortcut Tiles  v.

With "WP Shortcut Tiles" you can pin to start many useful shortcuts:

-Wifi settings
-Cellular settings
-Bluetooth settings
-Airplane mode
-New E-Mail
-New SMS
-Share status (on social network)
-Marketplace Music Store
-Wi-Fi ...

ITMS LinkMaker  v.0.1

ITMS LinkMaker allows you to search Apple's iTunes Music Store and connect specific hypertlinked URLs to individual albums or songs within the store. The results after searching then allow you to link products within the store from your website. R.A.D.

JustLookin  v.1.1

JustLookin' allows you to bookmark music that you're interested in, on the Apple iTunes Music Store. The iTunes music store provides you with a great way to find new music. Saving just the URL's to the iTMS isn't descriptive enough, the shopping cart ...

IGetMovies  v.2.2

iGetMovies allows you to copy a QuickTime movie from the iTunes Music Store or a movie or audio file from Safari to your Desktop. Once iTunes or Safari has loaded completely a movie, click on the button of iGetMovies and it will copy it/them to your Desktop.

PearPlay  v.0.1

Ever wondered why you simply just can't listen to album previews on the iTunes Music Store in one continuous flow? Why after each track you need to click that play-button again? Well, stop wondering. pearPlay lets you easily discover new music on the ...

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