High Pitch Fix


Yamaha Pitch Fix VST  v.1 3

Yamaha Pitch Fix VST 1.0 is a software multi-effect processor used for correcting, adjusting and fixing the tuning of any audio service. This plug-in allows the user to adjust pitch tuning in a natural way. It is made sure that the original file format ...

Hearing Range Checker  v.1.0.2

Hearing range checker is a freeware application designed to check your ability of hearing high pitch sound and low pitch sound.
Pitch can be shown in frequency and human audible field is between 20Hz and 20.000Hz.
Hearing Range Checker helps ...


Talking Cat  v.

- Talk to the cat and he will repeat everything you say with a high pitch voice.
- Pet him to make him purr.
- Poke his head, belly or feet.
- Tickle him and he will laugh outrageously
- Give him fart bean

Enjoy hours ...

Ping Faster  v.1 5

Basically Ping Faster service takes advantage of the higher priority that encrypted traffic is given on the Internet, so we are able to redirect your connection from the slow connections that are being used all the time by everyone else, to the much faster, infrequently used, high speed Secure routing ...

A1 SpeechTRON  v.1.0

The Speech Engine is embedded in the program which gives a very high quality speech synthesis. The Side Control bar enables setting of the Font and adjusting the Fore-Color and Back-Color of the text display box. The control at the top has all the word ...

Text To Speech Synthesizer  v.5.0

Features include a Realistic embedded Multiplex Text to Voice Synthesizer, reads all Text, RTF and Word documents, customizable display area, Animated speaking character, different Voice outputs, adjustable speaking speeds, variable voice tones from low to high pitch, graphical sound ...

Fair-Sound Audio DSP Plug-ins  v.2.0

Have you ever noticed how a high fidelity recording sounds great when the volume is high but thin and weak when played back at a low volume? The fault is not with your recording nor with your speakers; it's your ears!

The human ear has a nonlinear ...

Slow Down Or Speed Up MP3 File Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to slow down or speed up MP3 files and save as new files. The user can add MP3 files or choose and entire folder for processing. There are sliders to choose how fast or how slow. Converted tracks can be ...

Fix-it-up 2: World Tour  v.32.0

Fix-it-up 2: World Tour is a time-management game where you will buy and sell used cars. Your responsibility is to buy used cars as cheap as you can and, after fixing, cleaning and painting them, sell them with as high a profit margin as you can. You ...

Fix Data Suspect Status  v.4 9

How to Fix Data Suspect Status and how to recover corrupt SQL database that trouble is very big problem for Corrupted SQL Server users when their SQL Database has got corrupted and search a high performing tool which Fix SQL error within very little span ...

Registry Fix (Windows Fixer)  v.2011.11

Registry Fix will scan and fix your Windows PC registry and hard drive for invalid file and system references. These invalid references may cause system instability, PC errors, constant crashes, and general system slowdowns. That's why registry fixer ...

YupTools Fix RAR  v.1.0.0

Are you searching for inexpensive RAR repairing tool? Then you are at right page, make use of YupTools Fix RAR to fix damaged or corrupted RAR files from Windows Operating System. This tool has the potential to repair inaccessible files without any complications.

1 Click PC Fix  v.

1 Click PC Fix is a Windows cleaner and optimizer that scans the registry in search of broken shortcuts, invalid DLLs and missing program associations. Before fixing or removing anything it will prompt the user to create a backup in case restoring should ...

Fix Corrupted Outlook File  v.8.4

Our Best PDS MS Outlook Repair tool enthusiastically helps you to fix corrupted outlook file for businesses, individual and home user clients. Need to recover a best Outlook Recovery Tool for your corrupted pst files? Get PST recovery tool to recover ...

Fix X3daudio1_5.dll error  v.2.0

Are you getting the following error message while playing or launching a new high graphical game?

"The file x3daudio1_5.dll is missing"
"X3daudio1_5.DLL Not Found"
"File x3daudio1_5.dll not found"
"X3daudio1_5.dll not found. Reinstalling ...

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