Hide File Picture Automatically


File Send Automatically  v.1.1

This Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP add-in performs routine operations for sending files and messages automatically. You can save documents to folders, which are monitored by the add-in. The files are then automatically attached to files with specific parameters.

Best Duplicate File Finder Pro

Best Duplicate File Finder Pro - easily find file duplicates with the Best Duplicate Finder. User-friendly duplicate file finder software can find all file duplicates. Automatically find duplicate files with computer best duplicate file finder program, ...



You can send any file (Picture, Video, Jame ...) to your friends Mobile Phones. You well upload any file you want with (WAP Uploader) and then send a generated code of a file in our service to that person (through SMS or e-mail) with which you want to ...

Power Favorites

It takes bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, merges them into one file, and automatically synchronizes them between computers.Each bookmark can be personalized with notes and tags. The fast, integrated search function makes it easy to ...

Fox Magic Audio Recorder

You can generate file names automatically or manually, play the recorded files in the internal audio player, start/stop the recording on timer events, adjust audio settings, set the audio volume, etc. Easy to use and easy to learn.

Video to GIF Converter  v.12

Video to GIF Converter is a powerful tool to convert Video clip to animated GIF file. Picture cropping, flipping, resizing, scanline and color effects are supported. It may directly generate Reverse Order Animation and Ping-Pong Seamless Looping Animation ...

MyLaunchMenu  v.1.0

With this program you can read a simple configuration file and automatically generates an alphabetical list of your specified programs. It then allows you to quickly launch these applications from the Task Bar.

Messenger Pictures Auto  v.4.0

Messenger Pictures Auto allows you change your Messenger display picture automatically.All you have to do is to choose the folder where your avatars stored. After that this program automatically set these pictures as your display picture at a given period ...

SiteShoter  v.1.42

SiteShoter is a small utility that allows you to save a screenshot of any Web page into a file. It automatically creates hidden window of Internet Explorer, loads the desired Web page, and than save the entire content of the Web page into an image file ...

Audio Stop Free  v.

You can choose to stop and hide manually or automatically. The Pro-Version also supports automatic exit after a configurable amount of seconds.

Audio Stop  v.

You can choose to stop and hide manually or automatically. The App also supports automatic exit after a configurable amount of seconds.

DP Autochanger X  v.2.0.3

DP Autochanger is a shareware product that changes your desktop picture automatically. You set the time between changes. The new picture is chosen at random from a folder you choose. DP Autochanger keeps track of which pictures have been shown so that ...

Image Indexer  v.3.0

The indexer is one php file which automatically creates and displays a thumbnail index of pictures and directories. It provides image browsing in low or high quality modes. Imagemagick's 'convert' tool is used for image resizing. No database required.

Record Microphone Only When There Is Sound Software  v.7.0

The recorded audio is saved to WAV file format automatically. This software allows for surveillance of an area and allows your computer to be constantly listening and capturing sounds as they occur.

Mrazo Picture File Organizer

Picture File Organizer - download picture file organizer software from the Internet. The best picture file organizer, the high-end picture file organizer tool and the awesome picture file organizer will organize pictures in any specified location. The ...

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