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Bencao: Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)  v.

The definitive tool for Chinese Medicine herbalists, BenCao contains detailed information on all the commonly used herbs and classic formulas, utilizing a unique layout that is built with the clinician in mind.

Ben Cao (pronounced Ben Tsao) is ...

Traditional Chinese medicine refining dictionary

This software introduces specific ways of refining 300 kind of herbal medicine in details, which basically cover all kinds of herb medicine used in daily life. It contains 11 main categories of herb medicine, including fruit and seed category, complete ...


TCM HerbaList  v.1.0

TCM Herbalist is a professional program for Chinese Herbal Medicine students & practitioners. It is the most advanced software in its area. really.

Main features:
-Fast Type Technique
With Herbalists' fast type technique you will enter ...

Taillamp  v.

For advertising, such as ginseng or Chinese herbal medicine
To inexpensive digital signage using Windows Phone 7.

Attraction of miniature cars at an amusement park, to use with the rear of the minicar.


Herbal Remedies  v.1.0

Our magazine is full of natural health remedies to many common ailments. Our latest issue has an article on natural arthritis treatment. Our magazine is full of natural health remedies to many common ailments. Our latest issue has an article on natural ...

HerbPro  v.1.0.0006

This software includes general information (There are together 330 herbs, 189 formulas, 330 pictures), friendly interface, flexible inquiring system, clear pictures, extended private knowledge data system, all of them will give you easy way to study herbal medicine of TCM.

AcuPartner Professional  v.6 5

- User-expandable TCM Knowledge Base
- User-expandable Chinese Medicine Herbal Knowledge Base
- Management Module
- Full Body Maps
- Multimedia Features
- Build your own Reports ...

Su-Jok - TCM - Acupuncture open point 2.0

With our software 'Open Point' at your fingertips you can precisely calcucale the 'open point' 'Mjeng' points in your organism for proper therapy and display the points for magnetotherapy and color therapy.

Internal Medicine Clinic H&P Template

This medical note template is suitable for internal medicine physicians, family practice physicians, and other health care providers.

MB Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheels are Native American sacred circular hoops which were used for religious rituals. This form of divination has been found to be very accurate and effective. MB Medicine Wheel is based on this theory. Medicine wheels are usually numbered ...

MB Pagan Herbal Remedies

MB Pagan Herbal Remedies displays herbal remedies for different ailments based on Pagan beliefs. This tool helps you reduce the pain caused by different problems with the help of herbs. It also guides you on the application and use of these herbs. MB ...

MB Medicine Cards

MB Medicine Cards is based on the Native American belief of animal totem. A totem helps and protects people by spiritually helping one plan his or her life path. Each animal card represents its own personality trait that can apply to many people. Each ...

Herbal Health Calculator  v.1.0

we specialize in the sale of natural health care products made from the best herbal ingredients produced by fohow international a renowned traditional herbal medical company in the heart of Asia. Home remedies and natural cures or medicines made from ...

Herbal Incense Article  v.1.0

Informative article on herbal incense ...

Laptop Courses  v.1.0

Laptop Courses toolbar for IE - resources, reviews, and products for sale.

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