Hdd Smart Temperature


Abyssal TempMonitor  v.1.0.0001

Abyssal TempMonitor is a small and simple temperature monitoring software. It can show your pc CPU and HDD current temperature.

If the temperature exceed normal, the program will alert you. Small, and easy to use, Abyssal TempMonitor may be ...

Smart HDD Stretcher  v.1. 2. 2004

With Smart HDD Stretcher you can multiple your Disks free space and increase power of your system with one click! For current days HDD Smart Stretcher is Most innovative innovation. Now you can simple run Smart HDD Stretcher and no more 'Free Space Too ...


HDD Observer  v.5.2

HDD Observer is a monitoring and repairing tool for your hard drives.

HDD Observer can detect a lot of hard drives troubles and give a solution for them:

- Monitor hard drives health, performance and temperature


Thilmera7  v.0b76

CPU, GPU, HDD, Memory usage information utility. thilmera7 will show you various information about your computer usage. The software provides you with CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM usage, Network transfer,Thermal information ,SNTP time sync, PCtoPC data share etc.


Now you can make your computer to wake up, change resolutions, control speed and more.

EnhanceMyVista Standart

With a clean and simple interface it brings you an all-in-one set of powerful and neatly classified tools, settings and tweaks: Process Manager, Disk and Registry Cleaners, Defragmenter, HDD SMART monitor, UAC, email, and many other system tweaks.

SalvageData Recovery for Windows  v.2.0.17

HDD Data recovery module scans a drive for files - including the deleted ones - and displays them in folder-tree view. Filters can be also applied to look just for files with a specific name, creation date, or size. Recovered files cannot ...

Thilmera7 0b69 Rev.  v.3

The application provides you with CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM usage, Network transfer,Thermal information ,SNTP time sync, PCtoPC data share etc. thilmera7 it's highly configurable and occupies only a small amount of space on your desktop or as a tray icon.

HDD Temperature  v.1.4.206

This software is used to control the temperature of hard disks and prevent failures in their work due to overheating.
HDD Temperature works invisibly in the background mode and bothers you only when there is an actual threat to your data and warns ...

Stellarworks HDD Monitor  v.1.3

Stellarworks HDD Monitor Features:
1. SMART Monitoring
2. System Maintenance
3. Temperature Monitoring
4. Reallocated Sector, Uncorrectable Sector, and Free Space Monitoring
5. Support for some USB HDDs
6. View SMART Attributes ...

Stellar Smart - Monitor Hard Drive Performance  v.2.2.1

Stellar Smart is a utility that acts as an "early warning system" for pending hard disk problems. The system is based on Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T). The hard disk's integrated controller works with various sensors to ...

HDD Thermometer  v.1 3

HDD Thermometer is a hard disk temperature monitoring tool. It has all the features needed to prevent overheating and possible data loss.

HDD Thermometer use S.M.A.R.T. technology to get access to the hard disk temperature. Most of modern hard ...

Active SMART for USB drives  v.2.6

If you want to check health status, temperature and many other vital parameters of hard drives connected through USB port then you can try Active SMART for USB drives. This version recognizes:- USB hard drives (see Important note below)
- internal ...

Aeo3 HD Smart Lite  v.1.1.39

Will read hard disks' SMART health and performance status. Aeo3 HD Smart Lite is a portable program utility that retrieves hard disk drives' health, performance and operation status. This set of information is known as the hard disk drive's Self-Monitoring, ...

HDD Health  v.4.2

HDD Health with SSD drives support is a full-featured failure-prediction agent for machines using Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Sitting in the system tray, it monitors hard disks and alerts you to impending failure. The program ...

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