Handbook On Quantity Surveying


PriMus  v.v500c

The program has specific features to address any kind of Estimating or Quantity surveying issue and is easier and more effective than any other generic spreadsheet software.
With PriMus: Import Price Lists from Excel or Word, open Price Lists ...

GigaTribe  v.3 19

Main Features :

- There are no limitations on quantity or file size
- Files are available in their original format
- You don't waste time uploading files
- Your files remain yours!
- It's a two-way sharing service



It produces precise quantity surveying reports for all materials and tasks. It can use data from several well known structural analysis applications.

S3Dfree 2000  v.12.0

It's like having the Machinery's Handbook on-line. All fasteners are available in both Standard (inches) and Metric measurements. You just point, click and Solid3D will create a solid model of the fastener selected with the properties desired ...

Wings Library Demo  v.1.0

It's like having the Machinery's Handbook on-line. You just point, click and Wings will create a solid model or 2D entity of the wing nut, wing screw or thumb screw selected.

I-Handbook  v.

i-Handbook is an electronic version of the Field Data Handbook.

The Field Data Handbook is a practical handbook made by Schlumberger oil company, about well completion, well service, cementing, acid oil brine and so on.


Insurance Handbook  v.

This app is your insurance handbook and acts as a guide for your insurance investments.
Gives you the idea about the types of insurance available and also throws light on the grievances forum.

Civil Engineer's Handbook  v.

This handbook contains many of the more useful formulas used in the industry and will contain many more useful features in the future.

(Note: This application is a work in progress and is regularly updated to include the most up to date information ...

Army Weapon Systems Handbook  v.1.0

The Army Weapon Systems Handbook highlights the weapon systems that are in development and fielded by the U.S. Army. This app is based on the content contained in the 2012 U.S. Army Weapon Systems Handbook prepared by ASA(ALT).

Always On Top  v.1.0

Make any Window Always on Top with Freeware Utility for Windows. A Simple Keyboard Shortcut to make any Window to stay on Top of other Application Windows. Really easy to use and handy when your Application Window needs to stay on top of other Application ...

Softboy.net On Screen Keyboard  v.3.1616

Softboy.net On-screen-keyboard can be useful if you have mobility impairments, if you are using a tablet PC, or if your keyboard goes down. And it can works well on touch-screen. This a demo keyboard which includes the main keys on a normal keyboard.

Flashback On Your Day In History

Flashback On Your Day In History allows you to print highy quality scrolls for any event from 1900, for UK, USA , AUSTRALIA, * Choose from 12 diferent scroll designs, * Day You Were Born, Day You Were Married, Day You Were Christened, On your Special ...

On This Day in History 2006

On This Day in History 2006, print high quality personalised scrolls, greeting cards etc. based upon any day in history between 1900 and present day, choose from many different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family. * Additional designs ...

Caps Lock On

Caps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.

IMS Telephone On-Hold Player

The IMS plays telephone on hold messages or music running in the background using the CPU idle time and the buffer on the sound card. Features ~ Real time mixing of messages and music to create an endless presentation ~ Message scheduling to commence ...

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