H And M Clothing


H.I.M.  v.

Developed by Victor Hugo Paredes Mora

All the information a H.I.M. fan needs to know and have on his Windows Phone. Album information, track listing, video information, video links and more.

M-Bus Application  v.1 25

M-Bus Application is an M-Bus device readout program which is especially useful for developer of M-Bus devices and M-Bus network installer. M-Bus Application can read any M-Bus meter and verify its telegram for conformity. Multiple settings and testing ...


Mobile DTV Viewer for ATSC  v.

Watch Mobile DTV (ATSC-M/H and ATSC) using legacy ATSC RF receivers. Mobile TV Viewer is an easy-to-use program for simultaneous playback of up to 3 ATSC and ATSC-M/H TV programs received via a legacy ATSC receiver. No special ATSC-M/H RF receiver hardware ...

Pitch 'n Time Pro  v.2. 5. 2001

It works with all versions of Pro Tools including Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered. It offers time compression and expansion from a ratio of 1/8 speed through to 8 x speed independent of pitch, and pitch shifting of up to 36 semitones independent of tempo.

Pax Britannica  v.1.0

Up to four players battle it out underwater, struggling to be the last one standing!

The A, F, H, and L keys control the four players, and the escape key quits. Gamepads are also supported

Holding down the button spins the needle ...

Wintempla  v.5.0

h and Win.cpp, implement most of these classes. One advantage of Wintempla is that the programmer has the option to use the native Win32 APIs or the Wintempla classes. Additionally, all Wintempla code can be inspected in order to learn some of the dark ...

WxDBF  v.1.2 SVN r295

h and dbf.c), although C++ wrappers and sample GUI apps using wxWidgets and MFC are included, plus a C# implementation with no GUI.

Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB  v.

Mobile TV Viewer is an easy-to-use program for simultaneous playback of up to 3 DVB-H and DVB-T TV programs received via a legacy DVB-T receiver. No special DVB-H RF receiver hardware is required.Mobile TV Viewer will fascinate you with its straight forward ...

Radio SAW  v.

Eine App und verschiedene Streams. radio SAW bietet Musik wie Du sie magst.

Wer neue Musik hören möchte, klickt auf SAW-Neuheiten und für alle Kult-Fans gibt es SAW-80er mit Songs von Genesis bis Depeche Mode.

Die Musikredakteure ...

BiMess  v.

This app helps you display your messages in full screen. Supported Vietnamese input method.

Giúp bạn hiển thị tin nhắn lên màn hình một cách đầy đủ khi bạn không thể nói chuyện. Bạn có thể gõ tiếng Việt ...

Speedo Plus  v.

- Supports both metric (km/h) and imperial (mph) measurements.
- Windscreen mode optimized for glass projection
- Sound alert when going over self set limit
- Charts speed over time
- Calculates moving average and maximum speed ...

OC Transpo Stop Status  v.

Provide the bus route and stop number you wish to board at, and you'll instantly be provided the ETA (based on real-time GPS date provided by OC Transpo), speed (KM/H) and type (40 or 60 foot, bus racks, etc) of the bus you're trying to take. You can ...

Velocitas  v.

Speed can be shown in both km/h and mph: to change between both, just press over the unit indicator below the actual speed. If you are using this application in your car it is highly recomended to use a charger as active screen requires a good amount ...

Swiss Army GPS Pro  v.

Units for speed can be configured: km/h, mph and kts are available.
Altitude is shown in meters for km/h and kts, and in feet for mph speed settings.

Version 1.4:
- Renamed to Swiss Army GPS Pro
- Fixed bug on devices without compass

Version ...

Speed Limit  v.

- supports metric km/h and imperial mph speeds

- optional warning sounds if your are speeding

- adjustable tolerance before warning

- US and european speed limit signs

- ready for Mango ...

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